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Israel’s Bible Bloc


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Israel’s Bible Bloc

by Avi Lipkin

Finally, after 2,000 years Jews and Christians are marching together in Jerusalem! The final redemption of the human race from the threat of Islam is finally beginning to take shape globally in general and in Jerusalem, Israel in particular. A Judeo-Christian political party called, “The Bible Bloc Party” is being formed to represent both Jews and Christians for whom the two most important commandments are “Love the Lord thy God,” and Love thy neighbor as thy self.” All civilization is based on these two commandments, both non-existent in Islam. Avi Lipkin is spearheading this monumental effort. 

The Bible Bloc Party will be made up of both Jewish and Christian candidates who understand that either we “hang together” or we “hang separately.” The candidates will represent Jews who are orthodox, conservative, reform, or secular from all ethnic backgrounds, including Russian Jews. 

On the Christian side there will be Protestants, Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Armenians, and Ethiopians. Today, 10 % of the members of Israel’s Knesset are Moslems, but Bible-believing Christians, who represent 8% of the voting population in Israel, have no representation in Israel’s legislature. This is wrong. This is going to change if Avi Lipkin has his way. Jews and Christians together are going to cement an alliance, both in Israel as well as globally, to save Israel from destruction as well as Judeo-Christian Western Civilization and Democracy. 

This book includes the following information:

The Five Deceptions of Islam

The Threat of Socialism to Israel

The Threat of Globalism to Israel

Israel’s Bible Bloc Party in the Knesset



194 pages

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