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Iran and Israel: Wars and Rumors of Wars


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Iran and Israel

Wars and Rumors of Wars: Israel and Iran at War

by Mark Hitchcock

Iran has repeatedly declared its intention to destroy Israel. And the moment Iran crosses the nuclear finish line, not only the Middle East but the whole world will be in danger. A war between Iran and Israel holds frightening implications; global economic chaos; increasing Islamic tensions; and sky high oil prices, among other things. 

In Iran and Israel, prophecy scholar Mark Hitchcock brings a strong biblical perspective to the latest in the Iran-Israeli conflict, answering these questions and more. 

Will this emerging battle lead to Armageddon?

What can we expect in the days ahead from the prophecies of the Bible?

Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?

What role will America play in the end times?

Mark has produced an eye-opening survey of where things stand and how Bible prophecy ties it all together. 


1. As Time Runs Out- Are We On the Road to Apocalypse?

2. Iran vs. Israel- From Shadow War to Showdown- Accidents, Assassinations and Attack

3. Show Me the Mahdi- An Apocalyptic, Genocidal Ideology Drives Iran

4. Unleashing the Dogs of Terror- Hamas and Hezbollah Strike Israel

5. What Will Happen to America? Bible Prophecy is Silent About America’s Role 

6. The Coming Middle East Peace- A Temporary Middle East Peace is on the Horizon

7. The Ezekiel Prophecy- Bible Prophecy Predicts a Future Middle East War

8. The Times of the Signs- Current Developments Strikingly Foreshadow the End of Days

9. Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled- Finding Peace in a World at War

Appendix 1-  The Persia Prophecies

Appendix 2- America in Prophecy- (Dr. John Walvoord)

Appendix 3- Ezekiel 38-39



223 pages



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