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The Hebrew Language and Hebrew Mysteries Revealed – A 2-DVD Set by Dr. Larry Ollison


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The Hebrew Language

Hebrew Mysteries Revealed

A 2-DVD Set by Dr. Larry Ollison


Jesus is the spoken, revealed Word of God (rhema) and He is the written Word of God (logos). When He said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” He was not just referring to Himself as letters in the alphabet. He specifically was saying that He was the written Word of God that was in the beginning with God. 

The Hebrew language is rich in depth and meaning and you do not have to be a scholar to benefit from even a little understanding of God’s amazing language. This enlightening series by Dr. Ollison will reveal to you some interesting truth hidden in the Word of God. 


The Hebrew language is unique. It has qualities and dimensions that no other language on earth has. The Hebrew language is not just a method of verbal and written communication, but actually has mathematics and music encoded within it. 

When the Hebrew letters are converted to their corresponding numerical values, hidden codes that verify the supernatural existence of God can be found. 

This teaching session shows some unique and interesting revelations about current events embedded in the Hebrew Old Testament in such a way that even an atheist could not deny its authenticity. 

The Hebrew language proves the authenticity of a supernatural Book written by a supernatural God. 



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