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Guardians of Göbekli- One of the Most Puzzling and Celebrated Archaeological Sites of the Stone Age – by Aaron Judkins 


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Guardians of Göbekli

One of the Most Puzzling and Celebrated Archaeological Sites of the Stone Age

by Aaron Judkins 

Imagine you are standing between two giant T-shaped stone pillars- 18 1/2 foot tall. You are surrounded by twelve, smaller T-shaped stone pillars encircled around you. The anthropomorphic hammerhead stones are towering over you. It’s a mystical place. This is Göbekli Tepe.

Göbekli is located in Southeastern Turkey on the highest point of the Germus mountain range; the ancient turf of the moon god, Sin. It was first discovered in the 1960s during a survey. Few realized the importance of the buried stone that was incorrectly labeled as a Byzantine cemetery. However it was not until 1994 that Klaus Schmidt of the German Institute of Archaeology realized that it was a prehistoric site and began excavations.

These megalithic stone pillars were supposedly built by a Stone Age culture before the invention of the wheel and writing. This is one of the most puzzling and celebrated archaeological sites of the Stone Age. It’s considered the oldest pre-pottery Neolithic site ever discovered prima facie. This mysterious site is changing our perception of human origins of the Neolithic, a time period just after the Younger-Dryas event and the Ice Age.

We will examine Göbekli Tepe using a historical framework from the Old Testament, ancient texts as well as archaeological and historical data. Where does Göbekli fit into the biblical narrative? Who were these people and what were they doing in these mysterious circular enclosures? Is there a connection to the heavens and the gods? Does its symbols represent the earliest known language? It’s the paradigm that is changing the paradigm. Who are these Guardians of Göbekli?



242 pages

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