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The Gospel in the Stars by Joseph A. Seis


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The Gospel in the Stars

by Joseph A. Seiss

The ancient wise men from the East read the skies and journeyed to worship the Christ. Do the heavens that reveal God’s glory also reveal His plan of salvation? Yes, says Joseph A. Seiss, who contemplated the strange figures of astronomers through the ages. After extensive research, Seiss looked into the night and became convinced that God etched His good news there, so the people in darkness might see and have hope. 

Drawing upon scientific, historical and biblical sources, Seiss assembled persuasive arguments for this thesis: The Gospel of Jesus Christ can be seen in the stars. 

This illustrated study of the heavens answers the false teachings of astrology to reveal celestial players acting out the epic drama of creation and revelation: the virgin, the coming one, the scales of justice, the toiling deceiver, the scorpion, the ram, and the lion. 

“Seiss made a complete and comprehensive study of the stars and the result is this masterpiece. There are other books on the subject, but we regard this as the most reliable.”

The Bookshelf

“Written in 1882 but still original, this book is good for light reading or special research.” 

The Christian Review 


1. The Starry Worlds

2. The Sacred Constellations

3. The Desire of Nations

4. The Suffering Redeemer

5. The Toiling Deceiver

6. The Triumphant Warrior

7. Death and New Life

8. The Living Waters

9. The Mystic Fishes

10. The Blessed Outcome

11. The Day of the Lord

12. The Heavenly Union

13. The Blessed Possession

14. The Consummated Victory

15. The Secrets of Wisdom

16. Primeval Man

17. That Star of Bethlehem

18. Criticism 



188 pages

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