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365 Fascinating Facts From the World of Discovery


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365 Fascinating Facts From the World of Discovery

by Donald DeYoung

The history of discovery and invention is so thrilling, millions of people take an interest. From the scanning of the skies by astronomers to the awe-inspiring studies in genetics, our world becomes more precious to us as mysteries are revealed.

In 365 Fascinating Facts From the World of Discovery, you will find hours of great reading as the great moments of discovery, both large and small, come to light. If you’ve ever wondered how things we take for granted came to be, this is a good learning course that makes for easy reading. 

Enduring a three-month voyage to the New World in 1620, half of the colony of pilgrim’s died during the harsh first winter.

In 1677 Anton van Leeuwenhock sent a letter to the Royal Secretary of London, describing his discoveries with the microscope. The paper was titled “Observations Concerning Little Animals.” 

Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral took his hunting dog into the woods one October morning in 1948 and noticing cockleburs in the dog’s hair, Mestral studied the tiny hooks on the burrs and went on to invent Velcro!

On May 19, 1910, the Earth passed through the tail of Halley’s Comet, prompting dire warnings of mass death from poisoning. This compelled people to buy “comet pills!” 

One story after another will leave you chuckling to yourself as you learn how interesting our world really is!



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