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Demolishing Supposed Contradictions Vol. 1


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Demolishing Supposed Contradictions Volume 1

by Ken Ham

One of the most popular misconceptions by people who have walked away from the church and their faith is that the Bible contains errors or inaccurate accounts. Many people also simply accept without question the claim by others that the Bible is full of contradictions. Even more disturbing is that a growing number of Christians are unable to respond when presented with an apparent inconsistency in the Bible.

Now, in a bold defense for the accuracy of Scripture, Ken Ham leads a powerful team of contributors in providing core biblical truths to help refute claims regarding the inaccuracy of God’s Holy Word.

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions:

1. Addresses over 40 pages of contention in the Old and New Testaments including Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Matthew, John, Acts and Revelation.

2. Contains vital and relevant context by Steve Fazekas, Bodie Hodge, Roger Patterson, Stacia McKeever, Gary Vaterlaus, Dr. Jason Lisle, Paul F. Taylor, John Upchurch, and Dr. Georgia Purdom

3. Equips you to accurately defend your faith while challenging secular or humanistic agendas.

With nearly two-thirds of young people leaving the church when they move from home there has never been a more important time to have a reasoned response for those who desire to undermine your faith. This book is a great starting point in teaching you how to think and then respond to false claims regarding the Bible. It is imperative that believers are able to stand firm in their faith, and have answers to the culture’s attacks on the Bible. 

Fascinating chapters include:

How Did Judas Die?

The Unpardonable Sin

When Did Adam and Eve Die?

Why Does Joseph Have Two Different Fathers Listed in Scripture?

Is Matthew’s Genealogy Accurate?

Does God Condone Polygamy? 

Cut in Half 

One chapter is more fascinating than the last! 


Product ID# BK059


141 pages 


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