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Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2


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Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2

by Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge & Tim Chaffey

Behind every supposed Bible contradiction is a powerful truth waiting to be found! Can God be tempted? Should Christians follow the Old Testament Law? Is marriage good or bad? All these and more are questions that appear to point out a problem in the biblical text. Too often people seem to focus on what seems to be errors or contradictions in the Bible, using them to create doubt in the minds of believers or act as stumbling blocks in trying to present the Gospel.

It is important to resolve these issues to reassure people that the Bible is still accurate and without error about questions such as these;

1. What is God’s name in the Old Testament?

2. Is the Earth immovably set on pillars or hanging on nothing?

3. Is all Scripture inspired by God, or is some of it the opinions of the writers of Scripture?

4. Was Jesus in the wilderness, or at the wedding in Cana three days after His baptism?

5. After His resurrection, did Jesus first appear to the eleven disciples on a mountain in Galilee or in Jerusalem behind closed doors?

Explosive and insightful biblical evidence disproves the toughest of critics while bringing to light the power of God’s Word. Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 2 accepts the critic’s challenge, taking on some of the most difficult issues, helping to strengthen the faith of those who love God. Too often the Bible is dismissed by people who have heard it is simply filled with myths and mistakes and many have abandoned the faith, not understanding there wasn’t an error at all.  



169 pages

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