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Bankruptcy of Our Nation: Jerry Robinson


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Bankruptcy of Our Nation (Revised and Expanded- August 2014)

Your Financial Survival Guide

by Jerry Robinson

The time for debate is over. The time to prepare is now. The U.S. National debt has now surpassed the $16 trillion mark. Future unfunded obligations now total over $120 trillion. And, our government has no plan. Don’t let yourself get trapped in this ever- worsening financial crisis. living paycheck to paycheck. Protect your family’s financial future. Author and popular conference speaker, Jerry Robinson, offers advice on many levels. Here’s a few highlights of his revised and updated book. 

21 income streams you can create now and carry on in retirement. 

How to inflation-proof your portfolio using the P.A.C.E. Investment strategy. (P=Precious Metals, A=Agriculture, C=Commodities, E=Energy)

How to break free from the consumption trap using Five Levels of Financial Freedom. 

How to survive the coming collapse of the petrodollar system.

Preparing for retirement.

How to work your way out of debt. 

In this eye-opening financial guide, you will learn about the rise and fall of the US dollar, an out of control Federal Reserve, why inflation is coming, and much more. Get the strategies you need to protect your family and your finances. 



319 pages


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