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Ancient Epistle of Barnabas: A Commentary


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Ancient Epistle of Barnabas: A Commentary

by Ken Johnson

The ancient Epistle of Barnabas is often quoted by the early church fathers. Although not considered to be inspired Scripture, it was used to combat legalism in the first two centuries. Besides explaining why the Law of Moses is not binding on Christians, the epistle explains how many of the Old Testament rituals teach prophecy. Subjects explored are Yom Kippur; the Red Heifer ritual; animal sacrifices; circumcision; the Sabbath; Daniel’s visions, the end-time, ten-nation empire and the Temple.

This is another ancient document that proves the early church was pre-millennial and constantly looking for the rapture and the fulfillment of many end-time prophecies. Ken Johnson provides a thorough examination of this apocryphal book, which offers great insights into many biblical events.

Table of Contents 

1. Eternal Life, Creation & Prophecy

2. Animal Sacrifices Abolished

3. Yom Kippur Fast Abolished

4. The Prophecy of the Ten Kingdoms

5. The Crucifixion Prophesied

6. New Creation Prophesied

7. Types of Christ on Yom Kippur

8. The Red Heifer: A Type of Christ

9. The Typology of Circumcision 

10. The Typology of Jewish Food Laws

11. Baptism Typified in the Old Testament

12. The Cross Typified in the Old Testament

13. Christians Are the Heirs of the Covenant

14. The New Covenant

15. The Sabbath Typifies the Millennium

16. The Spiritual Temple of God

17. Salvation and Prophecy

18. The Two Ways

19. The Way of Light

20.  The Way of Darkness

21. The Conclusion

22. Complete Greek Text of the Epistle of Barnabas

Product ID# BK076

128 pages (Paperback) 



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