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An Historical and Geographical Study Guide of Israel by Arnold Fruchtenbaum (A Must For Israeli Travelers)


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An Historical and Geographical Study Guide of Israel

A Must Have Comprehensive Travel Guide to Israel (For the Serious Student of the Bible)

by Arnold Fruchtenbaum 

I’ve never seen anything quite like Arnold Fruchtenbaum’s Historical and Geographical Study Guide of Israel. I sure wish I’d had it on my last trip to Israel! This is no cookie-cutter travel guidebook. It’s a breakdown of everything that ever happened in every Israeli city and it is backed with Scripture. It tells you intimate details of every biblical account associated with these cities with special emphasis given to Jerusalem. I dare say there is NOTHING quite like this, It must have taken many years to compile this spiral bound book. This is a true tribute to the Word and to the Land. It also has a “Subject Index” in the back of the book, so if you want to search for the events that took place at one of Israel’s Gates, or the history of an ancient city (with biblical references) this book is for you. Who knows anything about the location of Solomon’s quarries? Or the Tomb of David? Or the first historical reference to Gaza? Where is the pyramidal tomb of Zechariah? So many fascinating historical tidbits in here! 


ISRAEL: The Modern State

  1. General Information
  2. Historical- Archaeological Periods

The Geographical Divisions

  1. The Coastal Plain
  2. The Shephelah
  3. The Hill Country
  4. The Arabah
  5. The Hill Country of the Amorites
  6. The Sinai

The Specific Places

Abel Beth Maacah through Jericho Road (Alphabetic listing of every place and event) 

Jerusalem (Al Quds) 

  1. Historical Periods
  2. Names For the City
  3. Biblical History
  4. Jerusalem: The New City
  5. The Mountains Around Jerusalem
  6. The Valleys of Jerusalem
  7. The City of David
  8. The Walls and Gates of Jerusalem
  9. Jerusalem: The Old City Interior
  10. Jerusalem: Other Basic Facts
  11. Maps

Jeshana through Zoraj (Continued alphabetical listing of every place and event) 



329 pages


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