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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
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40 days Through Genesis: Discover the Story That Started It All


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40 days Through Genesis: Discover the Story That Started It All

by Ron Rhodes

Everything the Bible has to say about God, the world, and you begins with these early chapters of redemptive history. As you uncover the mysteries of the beginning of time, you’ll discover how the sovereign God cares for the world, blesses those who walk in faith, and keeps His covenant promises.

To help you personally interact with the vital truths of Genesis, trusted Bible teacher Ron Rhodes provides:

  • Short passages of Genesis with easy-to-understand notes on each verse.
  • Brief summaries of the most important ideas.
  • Helpful cross-reference on relevant topics.
  • Practical applications to everyday life.
  • Thought-provoking conversation starters for group discussions or personal journaling.
  • Use this 40 day journey alone or with friends to fortify the foundations of your faith.


  1. God’s Creation of the Earth
  2. God’s Creation of Adam and Eve
  3. Temptation, Sin and Judgment
  4. The Beginnings of Human Civilization
  5. God Instructs Noah to Build an Ark
  6. The Ark and the Flood
  7. God’s Covenant with Noah
  8. Noah’s Descendants and the Tower of Babel
  9. The Call of Abram
  10. The Adventures of Abram and Lot
  11. God’s Covenant with Abram
  12. Ishmael is Born
  13. Abraham is Circumcised
  14. Sodom and Gomorrah Are Destroyed
  15. Abraham Encounters King Abimelech
  16. Isaac is Born and Offered in Sacrifice
  17. Sarah Dies and is Buried
  18. Isaac and Rebekah
  19. Abraham Dies But Has Many Descendants
  20. Isaac Encounters Abimelech
  21. Jacob Gets Blessed By Deception
  22. Jacob Has a Dream
  23. Jacob Gets Married and Has Children
  24. Infertile Rachel Bears a Son
  25. Jacob Bargains with Laban and Separates With Him
  26. Jacob Reconciles with Esau
  27. Jacob’s Latter Years
  28. Joseph is Sold Into Slavery
  29. Judah, Tamar, and Dishonorable Behavior
  30. Joseph in Potiphar’s House
  31. Joseph Interprets the Dreams of the Cupbearer and the Baker
  32. Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams
  33. Joseph’s Brothers in Egypt – Part 1
  34. Joseph’s Brothers in Egypt – Part 2
  35. Joseph Reveals His Identity
  36. Joseph’s Family Relocates to Egypt
  37. Joseph’s Sons are Blessed
  38. Jacob Blesses Hs Sons
  39. Jacob Dies and is Buried
  40. Joseph’s Last Days



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