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365 Fascinating Facts About Israel


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365 Fascinating Facts About Israel

by Clarence Wagner

Packed with a wealth of information about “Eretz Israel,” the Land of Israel, 365 Fascinating Facts About Israel, brings the region to life, especially for those who have never visited the Holy Land. From general information about climate, culture, and customs, to concise information about Middle East politics, wars and efforts for peace, this book is the only handbook you need to understand this magnificent land. Add to your knowledge of the land where Jesus walked with these highlights and interesting facts:

Palestine was a word coined by the Roman Empire after the time of Christ

Israel Today is a leading exporter of flowers, fulfilling the prophecies that indicate the region would once again bloom after God regathered the Jews from their worldwide diversion. 

Jerusalem is located in Judea, an area today known to many as the West Bank. 

Modern Israel, over 60 years old, is barely younger than neighboring states Jordan, Syria and Iraq. 

The Holy Land is bordered on the west by the Mediterranean Sea and on the right by the Jordan River. 

Table of Contents

1. The Location of the Land

2. The Glory of All Lands

3. Covenants and the Land and People

4. Jerusalem

5. Israel in Prophecy

6. History and Israel Today



215 pages


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