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Articles featured in the Prophecy Watchers magazine written by Gary Stearman and other contributors.

The Christmas Prophecy of Bethlehem

by Gary Stearman on December 24, 2016

Virtually the entire world knows the Christmas story. In one form or another, it has been told a million times. Having so often been featured […]

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When the Lamb of Passover Opens the Scroll

by Gary Stearman on April 2, 2016

The first Passover is detailed in the twelfth chapter of Exodus. Its history goes back nearly 3,500 years, and its rituals are freighted with spiritual […]

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Strange Trumpets – Is the World Being Warned?

by Gary Stearman on June 9, 2015

Among the many strange phenomena we’re watching, a new development has emerged. There is a mystery afoot. For nearly a decade now, all over the […]

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The Mystery of Pentecost

by Gary Stearman on May 21, 2015

This month the Jewish observance of Shavuot – Pentecost – falls on Sunday, May 24th. In the Jewish calendar, this date corresponds to the 6th […]

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The Dark Side of Bible Prophecy

by Gary Stearman on May 9, 2015

­Why We Must Discuss the Strange and the Supernatural People often ask why we spend so much time in the discussion of bizarre topics, like […]

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Project Jehovah: How Satan Controls Human Government

by Gary Stearman on January 29, 2015

Originally written in January 2003 Following a general trend that has been visible for the last decade, students of Bible prophecy have lately become vocal […]

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The “Falling Away” – Has It Happened?

by Gary Stearman on January 21, 2015

As we watch the relentless downward spiral of global society, we recall that biblical prophecy states that the latter days would be marked by a […]

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Gifts: The Inside Christmas Story

by Gary Stearman on December 24, 2014

The gift-giving zeal that is so much a part of the modern Christmas tradition has a beautiful origin that should be annually celebrated. Merry Christmas, […]

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