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Prophecy Watchers Has Their Own Roku Channel

by: Bob Ulrich on April 10, 2015

For those of you who are familiar with ROKU and have a ROKU Box or ROKU Streaming Stick, you know you’ll need our private code to access ALL of our TV programs. Here it is. MKXDHV NXD6XK. In the next few weeks we will be listed along with all of ROKU’s regular channels and it will be easier to find us. Go into your ROKU account and add Prophecy Watchers to your favorite ROKU channels. There are currently six programs in the queue, including some that haven’t even aired on TV yet.


There are currently over 2 MILLION ROKU boxes in circulation with thousands more being added every day! One ministry friend told us they have 250,000 ROKU viewers already. All for FREE!!! Praise the Lord! Special thanks to our video editor, Tyler Wood and our graphic designer, Daniel Wright, for their extra efforts on our behalf. This was no simple task.

Now anyone can get Prophecy Watchers on their TV and watch from the comfort of home. Head on down to Sam’s Club, Costco, or Best Buy and pick yourself up an inexpensive source of 1,700+ TV channels. That number is rising rapidly as more people find out they can drop their cable and get ROKU for FREE. The ROKU stick sells for $49.00 on Amazon while the ROKU box, which has greater capabilities, sells for $84.99 also on Amazon – or there are more models on the ROKU website. Pick one up today, plug it into the HDMI port in your TV and you are on your way!