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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
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Zechariah: Israel’s Prophetic Future and the Coming Apocalypse


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Zechariah: Israel’s Prophetic Future and the Coming Apocalypse

Friends of Israel Ministries

by David M. Levy

If you want to know what lies ahead for Israel and the world, you have the right book in your hand. You will see Israel’s past successes and failures and how history repeats itself—and is doing so again today. Above all, you will see into the prophetic future in magnificent detail, with end-times events culminating in the glorious reclamation of Israel, followed by an era of genuine world peace when the Messiah reigns. 

David Levy ranks among today’s foremost scholars in the interpretation and application of biblical truth. His volume on the Tabernacle has become a modern classic. And Zechariah: Israel’s Prophetic Future and the Coming Apocalypse rises to the same standard through careful interpretation, accuracy and clarity. 


1. Called to Repentance

2. God’s Care For Judah

3. Jerusalem’s Future Glory

4. Israel’s Cleansing

5. Serving in God’s Spirit

6. Israel’s Wickedness Removed

7. Messiah’s Coronation and Reign

8. Fasting Without Fidelity

9. Israel’s Glorious Restoration

10. The Grecian Conqueror

11. The Messianic King

12. Israel’s Shepherd

13. Israel’s Rejected Shepherd

14. Salvation of Israel

15. Israel’s Defilement Removed

16. The Messiah’s Glorious Return

17. Israel’s Glorious Kingdom

18. Worship in the Kingdom 



161 pages

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