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Zechariah: Israel and Her Coming King by Dr. David Schnittger


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Zechariah: Israel and Her Coming King

by Dr. David Schnittger

Zechariah is a minor prophet with a major message! This book of the Bible has more prophecies concerning Christ than any of the other Minor Prophets. There are multiple detailed prophecies concerning the first advent of Christ … His triumphal entry … His betrayal … His sufferings … and the dispersion of Israel. Each one was fulfilled with absolute accuracy!

There are even more prophecies concerning His second advent. His return to the Mount of Olives … the protection of a Jewish remnant … His appearance to the Jews in Petra in a great day of national atonement, resulting in their spiritual and material restoration, His building of the Millennial Temple, and the nature of worship in the Millennium.

Dr. Schnittger believes that each one of these prophecies will likewise be fulfilled with absolute accuracy! This study will increase your confidence in the sure Word of prophecy as well as your love for Christ’s return.


  1. Introduction to Zechariah
  2. Israel in the Church Age
  3. The Regathering of Ethnic Israel
  4. Overview of Zechariah
  5. Night Visions I
  6. Night Visions II
  7. Prophecies About Christ’s First Coming
  8. The Timing of the Triumphal Entry
  9. Prophecies About Christ’s Second Coming
  10. More Prophecies About Christ’s Second Coming

Dr. David Schnittger is the President of Southwest Prophecy Ministries. In his 40 years of full time Christian ministry, he has served as a writer and broadcaster for Southwest Radio Church of the Air from 1975-2015. He has written over a dozen books and over 200 articles on biblical and prophetic themes. A veteran of over 30 years in pastoral ministry, as well as missionary service, David is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and currently serves as an adjunct professor at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.



119 pages

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