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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
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You Can Understand the Book of Revelation: Exploring It’s Mystery and Message


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You Can Understand the Book of Revelation: Exploring It’s Mystery and Message

by Skip Heitzig

Some shy away from the Book of Revelation because of its mysteries. Others get uncomfortable with what it says about the end times. And still others are skeptical that any of it will come true. Yet God promises a blessing to those who read this futuristic book. He WANTS us to read it! And His promises have never failed. The end will come. Whether you are a Christian or not, Revelation has a message for you. 

Skip Heitzig is the senior pastor of Calvary Albuquerque, ministering to more than 14,000 people weekly. 


Introduction: Why Study the Book of Revelation?

What Have We Got Here? 

The Churches of Revelation Part 1

The Churches of Revelation Part 2

Peeking Into the Portals of Heaven

History’s Greatest Real Estate

Four Riders With Bad News

A Blessed Interruption in a Tough Time

Trumpets of Doom

When All Hell Breaks Loose

A Big Angel with a Little Book

Two Powerful Preachers

The Panorama of Spiritual Warfare

The Coming World Leader

The Lamb Who Shepherds His People

Getting Ready for the Grand Finale

What’s in the Bowl?

The Coming World Religion

Get Out of Babylon! 

A Marriage Made in Heaven

The Pax Messiah

All Things New

He’s Coming—Now What? 




277 pages

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