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Weather Wars and Un-Natural Disasters


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Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters

by Stephen Quayle

During the 20th and 21st centuries, the secular world has been striving to usurp the powers of God, displacing the notion of a divine creation of the Universe with one that simply happened and evolved and claiming that the morality of the Bible is no longer relevant today. Science has been transformed from the pursuit of discovering how the Lord does things to one on which men discover how they can do things without acknowledging the Creator. 

In the past, the weather was considered something that the Lord brought to man. Jesus noted the power of the Father when He said, “He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and the unjust.” Controlling the weather was the Lord’s job and mankind was to do nothing to alter his gift of rain on mankind, good and bad alike. 

But this notion too has become corrupted by those wanting to overthrow the powers of God. Over the last hundred years scientists have been working towards leaning methods of changing the weather, at first with crude methods for sparking rainstorms, and little by little, gaining more and more control over the process. Today, they can hurl violent storms at enemies on the battlefield or attack civilian populations without warning. 

Throughout this process the public has been kept pretty much in the dark as a select group of men have been reaching upward to snatch the power to control weather away from God. Their goal is that instead of the Lord bringing the rain to the just and the unjust, these usurpers will have the control. These men are intent on hoarding these powers, exploiting them for selfish gain. 

The time is coming when the elite of our world, the new “lords” whose plan is to replace the true Lord of the Universe, will be able to water their own crops while their neighbors burn in a merciless drought. They may be able to create floods in small areas that may rival the days of Noah. These powers are currently being harnessed and stolen with an eye toward creating unnatural disasters from tornadoes and violent thunderstorms to earthquakes and macrotsunamis. There is shocking information in these 323 pages! 


1. The Tip of the Iceberg

2. Secret Services

3. More Cover Ups

4. Rain, Snow and Mud

5. Nanotech

6. The Wind and the Waves

7. Monstrous Arts

8. The Evil in New York City

9. The Keepers of the New Faith

10. Birth Dearth

11. Tsunamis and Megatsunamis

12. Manmade Earthquakes

13. Changing the Atmosphere

14. Playing the Devil’s HAARP. 

Conclusion: The Men Who Would Be God

Appendix A: Weather Modification Patents

Appendix B: ENMOD Treaty

Appendix C: Space Preservation Act of 2001

Appendix D: Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act

Appendix E: National Heritage Areas

Appendix F: Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

Appendix G: Weather As a Force Multiplier- Owning the weather in 2025



323 pages

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