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Understanding Islam and Christianity by Josh McDowell


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Understanding Islam and Christianity: Beliefs That Separate Us and How to Talk About Them

by Josh McDowell & Jim Walker

Would you Like to better understand the roadblocks between Islam and Christianity so you can approach conversations with Muslim friends and neighbors with assurance and confidence?

International apologist Josh McDowell and Islam expert Jim Walker offer this practical resource to help you understand Islam’s challenges and build a basis for discussion with your Muslim friends and co-workers. They focus on crucial points of conflict between the two religions.

What kind of prophet was Jesus? Was He the Messiah? 

How are God and Jesus related? Can God have a Son? 

The Trinity- Do Christians believe in one God or Three?

The Gospel- How could God dishonor Jesus by letting Him die a horrible death? What is salvation? 

What does the Quran say about Jesus and the Gospel?

Aren’t the Bible’s accounts of Jesus corrupted? 


Who is Jesus? Similarities Between the Quran and the Bible

The Messiah, the Son of Man, and the Son of God

The Father, His Son, and Their Relationship

The Trinity: Development of the Doctrine

The Trinity: Foundation For the Bible

The Gospel and the Atonement

Jesus’ Crucifixion

Muhammad and the Bible: Is he the “Counselor” Foretold by Jesus? 

Muhammad and the Bible: is he the “Prophet” foretold by Moses?

The Reliability of the New Testament Part 1

The Reliability of the New Testament Part 2

An Evaluation of the Quran

The Quran Confirms the Christian Scriptures

A Christian Evaluation of Muhammad.



298 pages

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