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The Truth About Gaza DVD – by Richard Shaw – See the unreleased on-the-ground Footage from the Recent Gaza protest – FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!


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The Truth About Gaza DVD

by Richard Shaw

See the unreleased, on-the-ground footage from the recent Gaza protest

Israel is constantly in the crosshairs of the mainstream media, and almost always portrayed as the villain when it comes to the Palestinian conflict in Gaza. But what really is going on behind the scenes? What is the media hiding? Why are we never told that Hamas has fired over 350 rockets into Israel since January 2018? We’re not told about the thousands of acres of agricultural crop land destroyed by Hamas’ fire kites flown into Israel. No one knows that Israel supplies humanitarian aid to Gaza in the way of natural gas and electricity. Nor are we told the real facts about the May riots at the Gaza border.

This is the untold story of what happened behind the scenes on the 70th anniversary of what the Palestinian’s call, “Nakba Day,” or the “Day of Catastrophe,” in which an estimated 700,000 Arabs fled their homes as Arab nations attacked Israel upon its independence.

IDF combat soldier and movie screenplay writer, Dan Gordon, takes Richard Shaw behind the scenes and tells him what really happened when he and his IDF combat troops were stationed near the border in May. 40,000 rioting Palestinians, many of them paid $100-$250 to show up at the protests and riot, were pitted against only 2,000 Israeli soldiers.

Gordon said that many of the Palestinians are being forced into acting on behalf of Hamas, a terrorist organization, through intimidation and, at times, hefty monetary rewards. “Hamas doesn’t care whether Palestinians live or die. All they care about is killing Jews in Israel.” He watched Hamas operatives who were literally pushing Palestinian civilians toward the border fence, telling them Israeli soldiers had already fled, telling them, “Go charge the fence.”

 “We had 40,000 Palestinians facing us” he said, including Hamas terrorists armed with incendiary kites and a variety of firearms and bombs, all camouflaged by smoke created by burning tires. They were firing live ammunition at us, and I’m talking about automatic weapons, grenade launchers. They were planting pipe bombs and IEDs along the fences. We caught them in the act. I was right there when one of them went off.” 

See the real story for yourself in these never-before-seen film clips. 

Former Knessset diplomat, Shai Hermesh, tells of a time before Hamas, where Palestinians and Israelis worked together in peace, and how he took funds to help out one of them after Hamas sealed the border. And then Sarah Pollack tells how their Kibbutz was attacked and a boy killed by a Hamas mortar while riding a bus to school.

This short film by Richard Shaw needs to seen by everyone in order to understand the Truth about Gaza. It’s not what you may think. 




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