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The Trumpocalypse Package by Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson (Get a FREE COPY of Wake the Bride by Jeff Kinley!

Trumpocalypse: The End Times President, a Battle Against the Global Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson

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Wake the Bride: Facing These Last Days With Your Eyes Wide Open

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The Trumpocalypse Package

by Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson

This book comes with a FREE COPY of Wake the Bride by Jeff Kinley!

Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his. And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding (Daniel 2:20-21).

President Donald Trump has now had a year in office to as he puts it, “Make America Great Again.” Love him or hate him, Trump appears to be one of the hardest working President’s in history, tackling many of America’s most difficult and neglected issues. After eight years of ex-President Barack Obama’s Islamic, Iranian and Palestinian favoritism, Israel appears to have a friend in Washington DC again. Trump’s decision to move Israel’s Embassy to Jerusalem has incurred the wrath of the United Nations and most of the countries of the world. Only 9 countries supported Trump’s decision! NINE! Who can explain the world’s hatred towards the Jewish people? (We can). 

This explosive exposé addresses the chilling truth about the fierce opposition to the Trump presidency, and why the globalist elite and Deep State will stop at nothing to destroy Trump’s pro-America, pro-Israel agenda.  Will that include a military coup? A staged economic collapse? A national tragedy? Or God forbid, even an assassination in order to overthrow him? 

“Trumpocalypse!” It’s the media-coined phrase designed to incite panic and fear among the masses. The liberal-controlled media want people to believe that America has elected an unstable man who will barge into delicate international affairs like a bull in a china shop.Their hysterical and often times false reporting is meant to incite nations who are bent on America’s destruction. Will they help trigger a World War 3 nuclear apocalypse, ending the world as we know it? Is the media telling us the whole truth?

No, says internationally-recognized prophecy expert and Fox News and History Channel commentator Paul McGuire and Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist Troy Anderson. America’s most insidious enemies are not hostile nations; they are elite globalists; the “Establishment” that is making the “1 percent” even richer, while working and middle-class people watch their incomes and net worth’s flatline or plummet.

The authors fearlessly expose the globalist elite’s secret plan for humanity and their campaign of mass deception. Using documentation gleaned from years of journalistic investigation and extensive interviews with over fifty of the world’s most respected geopolitical, economic and military affairs experts, faith leaders, and biblical scholars, McGuire and Anderson unmask these secretive elites. Most are members of multiple secret societies that have deep occult connections; men and women who over the years have insidiously gained control of America’s institutions of government, education, entertainment, international banking, and most importantly, near-complete control of the media.

Here is an invitation to join the anti-Establishment surge . . . what evangelist Franklin Graham calls “the Christian revolution.” Discover for yourself how to fulfill your own destiny in the run-up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It certainly appears we are living at the most momentous time in history. Perilous times are here! We expect 2018 to one of the most important times in world history! 



355 pages