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Those Invisible Spirits Called Angels


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Those Invisible Spirits Called Angels

by Renald Showers from Friends of Israel

We hear a lot about angels these days. How can we know what to believe? Everywhere we look, angels are in the spotlight—prime-time TV, best-selling books, even the most prominent shelves of well-known Christian and secular gift stores . . . More and more people are reporting fascinating encounters with angels. There are even self-appointed “angel experts” who tell us how we can “find our own angels” and interact with them daily. 

What’s surprising, however, is that very little of what we’re hearing these days matches up with what the Bible says about angels. What, then, is going on? Have angels changed? What exactly does the Bible say about angels? Amazingly, the Bible tells us a lot—who angels are, what they do, and how they minister to us. You will discover all that and so much more in this book by Renald Showers of Friends of Israel Ministries. Dr. Showers is a well-known author, conference speaker and Bible teacher. With this solid biblical resource in hand you’ll know what you can believe in these days when spiritual deception runs rampant. 



170 pages

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