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The Popular Handbook of World Religions – A Christian’s Guide to the World’s Most Prominent Religions – by Daniel J. McCoy


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The Popular Handbook of World Religions

by Daniel J. McCoy

A Christian’s Guide to the World’s Most Prominent Religions

Meeting people from other religions is an incredible blessing and a unique challenge. As Christians, what do we need to know about their beliefs to effectively interact with them? And how can we share about Jesus with sensitivity for someone’s relationship to their current faith?

A compilation from some of today’s top religion scholars, The Popular Handbook of World Religions is a clear and insightful guide to understanding and conversing with followers of the world’s major belief systems. You will…

  • gain a balanced, nuanced comprehension of what followers of other religions believe, and see how those beliefs compare with those of Christianity
  • develop deeper respect for different cultures and appreciate their unique traditions and ideas
  • learn how to share about Christ with true compassion and a recognition of other people’s individuality and heritage

Featuring the writings of Dr. Douglas Groothuis, Dr. Paul Copan, Dr. Winfried Corduan, and more, The Popular Handbook of World Religions is designed to help you gain the wisdom you need to interact with people of other faiths, from atheism to Judaism, Buddhism to Islam, Jainism to Sikhism, and more.

The Popular Handbook of World Religions is an excellent resource with a wealth of insight on an array of critical topics for anyone ministering cross-culturally. Rather than settle for dry, encyclopedic entries, the contributors use an engaging narrative style that provides valuable context without sacrificing nuance. The chapters offer balanced perspectives yet with concision and clarity, which makes the book useful for practitioners and scholars alike.”
Jackson Wu, Theologian in Residence, Mission ON

“Daniel McCoy has assembled a tremendous team of contributors who are passionate experts in their respective fields. The Popular Handbook of World Religions is a true “Swiss Army Knife” for every reader interested in understanding various religious systems. This highly unique and multifaceted volume not only presents the facts about the world’s most prolific religions, it offers the reader compelling and practical ways to move the religious discussion forward–in love! For this reason, The Popular Handbook of World Religions&rsquo clear and concise content is a must-read for anyone seeking to make a real and measurable difference in an often misunderstood and contentious discipline. Every serious student, missionary, pastor, and evangelist must read this volume!”
–Joseph M. Holden, PhD, president, Veritas International University, author, The Harvest Handbook of Apologetics

“I’ve been wishing for a long time that a book like this would be published! This is a truly accessible guide to world religions, with just the right amount of detail, and written in a compelling way. I have no doubt it will be my go-to recommendation on the subject for years to come.”
–Natasha Crain, speaker and author of three books, including Talking with Your Kids about Jesus

About the Author

Daniel McCoy is the editorial director for as well as an online adjunct instructor for Ozark Christian College. He has an MA in apologetics (Veritas International University), and a PhD in theology (North-West University, South Africa). He is the general editor of the Popular Handbook of World Religions, author of Mirage: 5 Things People Want from God That Don’t Exist, and coauthor with Norman Geisler of The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw. Daniel and his wife, Susanna, have three daughters and two sons.



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