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The New Charting the End Times Prophecy Package – Buy One Book, Get a Bonus Book Free – by Thomas Ice, Tim LaHaye and Donna Van Liere


The Time of Jacob's Trouble by Donna VanLiere - A Novel About the Rapture From One Left Behind

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Charting the End Times - New Update Edition - by Tim LaHaye

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The New Charting the End Times Prophecy Package 

But One Book, Get One Bonus Book Free! 

A Visual Guide To Understanding Bible Prophecy 

Getting a Clear Picture of the Last Days

by Tim LaHaye & Thomas Ice


The Bible has much to say about the end times. Yet it’s hard to piece together all that information together in a way that gives a comprehensive idea of what time period will look like. That’s why prophecy experts Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice have teamed up to produce Charting the End Times—a unique book of charts that provides a graphic picture of the last days. 

The result of decades of careful research and study of all the Bible’s passages about the last days, this book includes; 

A master foldout chart portraying God’s complete plan for the ages

More than 50 dynamic, full-color charts and diagrams

Timelines that clarify the chronology of the end times

Informative overviews of all of the events of the last days

Clear answers to tough questions about the end times

Theres no other prophecy book like Charting the End Times. It’s the ultimate study tool for better understanding the future! 


1. Understanding God’s Plan For the Ages

2. What is Bible Prophecy

3. Why Christians Should Study Bible Prophecy

4. The World’s Greatest Library

5. How We Got Our Bible

6. The Four Pivotal Events of History

7. The Absolute Certainty of Christ’s Return

8. The Mountain Peaks of Prophecy

9. Isaiah’s Outline of the Messiah’s Ministry

10. Satan: His Past, Present & Future

11. The Olivet Discourse

12. Paul and the Second Coming

13. Peter and the Future

14. Johns’ Revelation of the Future

15. The Three Groups of People in Bible Prophecy

16. The Church’s Prophetic Destiny

17. The Rapture of the Church

18. The Judgment Seat of Christ

19. The Tribulation

20. The Campaign of Armageddon and Christ’s Return

21. The Glorious Appearing

22. 75-day Preparation For the Millennium

23. From the Judgment Into the Millennium

24. The Millennium

25. The Great White Throne Judgment

26. The Eternal State

27. The Covenants

28. The Dispensations

29. Israel: God’s Super Sign of the End Times

30. Daniel’s Outline of the Future

31. The 70 Weeks of Daniel 

32. Ezekiel 37-39

33. Ezekiel 40-48

34. Israel’s Tabernacle, Temple, and Ark in History and Prophecy

35. Elijah and John the Baptist in History and Prophecy

36. The Feasts of Israel in Prophecy

37. Babylon in History and Prophecy

38. The Various Views of the Rapture

39. Various Raptures in History and Prophecy

40. The Two Phases of His One Coming

41. The Rapture: Comparing John 14 and I Thessalonians 4

42. The Holy Spirit and the Rapture

43. Setting the Stage

44. The Signs of Christ’s Return

45. The Resurrections and Judgments of Scripture

46. Revelation 19-22

47. The Various Views of the Millennium

48. Where the Dead Are Now

49. History’s End, Eternity’s Beginning

50. What is Your Choice?

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The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

by Donna VanLiere

A typical day at work turns into a nightmare for Emma Grady when her favorite patient and several colleagues vanish in front of her. Fear turns to chaos as Emma begins the frantic race from Brooklyn to Queens, anxious to discover if her boyfriend is safe. Subways are closed, graves are open, and countless people have inexplicably disappeared. Mayhem erupts as terror grips the residents of New York City.

What could make so many vanish in a moment? And not just in New York, but all over the globe? Emma wonders if this is the predicted end of the world and begins a desperate search for answers.

This page-turning story will take you on a riveting journey from New York City to Israel, and in the final chapters, Donna turns to the pages of the Bible, where you’ll learn that God has made known to us “the end from the beginning,” and that things aren’t spiraling downward but are actually looking up.

The bestselling author of The Christmas Shoes now explores a future world facing its final days in The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, weaving end-times prophecies into the lives of Emma and her friends as they struggle to survive and come face-to-face with the chilling truth about the disappearances.  



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The Time of Jacob's Trouble by Donna VanLiere - A Novel About the Rapture From One Left Behind

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Charting the End Times - New Update Edition - by Tim LaHaye

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × .65 in