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The Doug Woodward Power Quest Package – 2 Books – 2 Bonus Books – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!


Power Quest: Book One: America's Obsession With the Paranormal

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Power Quest: Book Two: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America

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Lying Wonders of the Red Planet - Exposing the Lie of Ancient Aliens by S. Douglas Woodward

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Uncovering the Secrets of Bible Prophecy: 10 Keys For Unlocking What Scripture Really Says - from Jeff Kinley

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The Doug Woodward Power Quest Package

2 Books – 2 Bonus Books


  1. Power Quest – Book 1 – by Douglas Woodward

Doug Woodward is quickly becoming one of America’s brightest literary talents, exploring subjects that once were untouchable. Gary Stearman says, “It takes balance to look into the shadowy historical crypts of occultism and the machinations of the spiritualist elite without losing your perspective. Doug is particularly talented at expsoing their schemes and making logical connections that others, following the same quest, have overlooked.”

Woodward’s book will take you places you’ve never been (and may not want to go). From Hitler to Tesla, from Nazi Germany to the Hotel de Bilderberg; Satan’s magic men—tools of Lucifer himself; are interwoven throught history in bizarre ways that will make you shake your head in disbelief. Madame Blavatsky; Secret Societies; The Masonic agenda; the Mormon connection; time travel; the stolen treasure of King Solomon—Doug has discovered so much explosive material he’s already working on a sequel!

  1. Power Quest – Book 2 – by Douglas Woodward 

In this compelling sequel to Power Quest Book One: America’s Obsession with the Paranormal, S. Douglas Woodward reveals the hidden history of Nazi infestation of American institutions after World War II. Beginning with the 1952 flying saucer flap over the nation’s capital and concluding with the CIA’s clandestine mind control agenda of the 1950-1970s, the reader is confronted with highly charged and seldom known facts. The story centers on America’s alliance with German fascism, linked to the infamous personalities of Hitler’s Nazi Party, who escaped the war crime trials at Nuremberg.

In this second volume of Power Quest: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America, Woodward brings to the reader the recently declassified proof that America has often shunned its most noble ideals. He uncovers a vast record of unethical and deceptive Federal activities committed in Washington’s dark corners of political power, condensing mountains of highly reliable research, compiled by authoratative investigative journalists and insiders, along with his own well-tuned analysis, demonstrating that the political and spiritual evil of Nazism was often excused and encouraged by American officials as part of a blind quest to fight Communism during the Cold War. Woodward’s account is a factual history most American’s have never heard. Doug offers an alternative view to the typical eschatological position asking, “Could America be the seat of power for a literal personage the Bible calls the Antichrist?

Table of Contents

Prologue: America’s Role in Eschatology

Recap of Book One and the Introduction of Book Two

Chapter One- Why the Nazi Threat Continued After the West Won World War II

Chapter Two- How the American Government Helped the Nazis Infiltrate America

Chapter Three- America’s Intelligence Services and Supernatural Weapons of War

Chapter Four- America’s Intelligence Services, Little Green Men & Great Pyramids

Chapter Five- Esotericism in Zero Gravity—America’s Occult Agenda for Exploring the Cosmos

Chapter Six- Beware the Military-Industrial Complex!

Chapter Seven- CIA Psyche Out—Mind Control, LSD, Manchurian Candidates and Multiple Personality Disorders

Chapter Eight- Eugenics, Social Engineering, and Making the Ubermensch in America

Chapter Nine- Mengele, Children Warriors, The “Royal” Conspiracy and the Creation of Antichrist

Epilogue: Mystery Babylon—America’s Role in the Globalist Agenda


  1. Lying Wonders of the Red Planet by Douglas Woodward

The planet Mars, named after the Roman god of war, holds a special curiosity. Full of enchanted fiction, flagrant deception, herculean lies, cutting-edge science and chilling paranormal beliefs, the prospect of life on Mars seems embedded in the public’s consciousness. Satellite photo flybys and creeping robots trekking across the Martian surface do nothing but heighten the expectations.

Fascinating myths continue to grow about intelligent life that once lived there. There are even accounts of space travel between Earth and Mars through supernatural “jump rooms” and rumors of a massive colony that many believe still exists beneath the Martian surface. Did Lucifer and his fallen angels once occupy the red planet? Is this where they went when they were cast out of heaven? Are there physical structures on Mars today? The face on Mars? The pyramids?

The “ancient astronaut” theory has gained a foothold in the public’s mind thanks to the History Channel’s popular program, Ancient Aliens.” Zecharia Sitchin and Eric Van Daniken offer a pseudo-scientific, sanitized form of spirituality, much of it rooted in Madame Blavatsky’s nineteenth-century esoteric work, Secret Doctrine. In this stunning new book Woodward offers a compelling account of the colorful theories of life on Mars. Just the table of contents is a thrill ride full of pyramids, rocket scientists, Nikola Tesla, Walt Disney, NASA’s occult connections and cover-ups, the Masonic connection, the Mars-Egyptian connection, Richard Hoagland and the “Face on Mars,” top-secret space programs, cosmic wars and undisclosed underground military bases!!! Woodward addresses the wildest speculations of today’s extraterrestrial enthusiasts and separates truth from fiction in a marvelous, well-researched effort, so typical of all of Woodward’s writings.

  1. Understanding the Secrets of Bible Prophecy by Jeff Kinley

Can I know for sure what’s in store for the future?

With so much hype about the signs of the times, it’s more important than ever to know what God really said was going to happen. It’s not enough to take someone else’s word for it. You must know how to uncover prophetic truths in the Bible for yourself. 

In this easy-to-read yet extremely helpful guide to understanding the nature and purpose of the prophetic passages in Scripture, Jeff Kinley will show you…

1. The five biggest mistakes people make when it comes to Bible prophecy

2. How to sort fact from fiction and spot false prophets.

3. The major views and interpretive principles you need to know

4. The difference Bible prophecy makes in your life right now! 

The future may seem like one big mystery—but it doesn’t have to be! God has made His plans evident to all. And when you know what He has revealed, you can face the last days with a confident assurance of His provision and victory.


  1. Understanding the Nature of Prophecy: Its Essence and Divine Purpose 
  2. Don’t Misread the Signs: The Six Big Mistakes People Make With Prophecy
  3. Developing Biblical Discernment: Meet the New “Sons of Issachar” 
  4. Spotting Counterfeit Truth: Fake News and False Prophets, Then and Now
  5. Cracking the Bible Code: Proven Principles of Prophetic Interpretation
  6. Exploring Scripture’s Unfilled Prophecies: Christian Hype or Coming Reality?
  7. Examining the Major Views on Prophecy: Contradictions, Clarity and Consensus
  8. Investigating “Prophecy Apologetics:” End Times Evidence for Skeptical Minds
  9. Building Up the Body of Christ: The Barnabas Principle of Prophecy 
  10. Preparing for Jesus’ Return: Possessing a Certain Hope and a Pure Heart


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