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The Doug Woodward Final Babylon Package – Three Books on the Future of America and the Identity of the Antichrist – by Douglas Woodward – FREE SHIPPING in the USA


The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist - By Douglas Woodward - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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Mistaken Identity: The Case Against the Islamic Antichrist - by S. Douglas Woodward

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The Last Trump Virtual Conference - Set 4 Disc 5

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Is Russia Destined to Nuke the U.S.? Examining the Mounting Near-Term Threat of Nuclear War on Our Nation - by S. Douglas Woodward

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The Doug Woodward Final Babylon Package

Three Books and a DVD on the Future of America and the Identity of the Antichrist 

by Douglas Woodward


  1. The Final Babylon Book
  2. Is Russia Destined to Nuke the USA? 
  3. Mistaken Identity: The Case Agains the Islamic Antichrist
  4. Requiem For a Dream DVD: Is the USA Babylon?

The Final Babylon

I’m sure you’ve heard the whispers and thought about the possibilities. Could the Antichrist be a prominent American politician? Could he be alive today, embedded in a position of power and control? Will he burst upon the scene in the days ahead and reveal himself to the whole world? Many Bible Scholars omit America from end-time events, but what if America were his base of power and not Europe, Rome or Babylon as many have suggested?

S. Douglas Woodward has teamed up with Dene McGriff and Douglas Krieger, to re-think key prophetic assumptions cast in stone. Could it be that our love of country has clouded our vision to some dark and deeply disturbing truths? Prepare to have your world turned upside down by some some bold, cutting-edge research. Woodward and friends dig into some complicated Bible prophecies, suggesting some astounding possibilities that may arise very soon. This landmark and controversial work will no doubt be critically examined by many, as the authors reveal their perspective on the identity of the Final Babylon, it’s rise to power and the qualifications of its notorious leader, the Antichrist.

Mistaken Identity 


Americans, Europeans, and Israelis share a strong sense of foreboding that Western Civilization stands on the cusp of collapse due to insidious individuals radicalized by Salafist and Wahhabis doctrine pledged to strike down infidels. The violence of the Middle East continues unabated driving many Muslims north to Europe seeking peace, safety, and a better life. However, citizens of Western civilizations can’t help but fear that lurking within the million plus immigrants crossing into Europe (with others destined for the U.S.) are vast numbers of jihadis pledged to murder Christians, Jews, secular humanists, and moderate Muslims — all in Allah’s name.

Combined with this turbulent situation churns the apocalyptic conviction many Evangelicals hold that the Apocalypse lies just ahead. Could radical Islam be the catalyst to trigger last days’ events? What’s more, might the dreaded Antichrist predicted by Biblical prophecy be energized by radical jihadist thinking? Could Islam become a dominant one-world religion foreseen by biblical prophets? Many who study eschatology have concluded this view comprises the most likely scenario. The idea that Antichrist will arise amidst radical Islam has been successfully promoted for a decade. It has altered the conventional perspective of a large segment of those who adhere to Futurism, the position that large portions of Holy Scripture (passages within Daniel, Isaiah, Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Revelation) await future fulfillment. Known as The Islamic Antichrist Theory, much more has been conjectured than the religious sentiment of the Antichrist — the most essential viewpoints of the conventional prophetic scenario have been unseated. Many are unaware this has happened.

In short, the theory proposes that Antichrist, Gog, the Mahdi, and Daniel’s “king of the north” are all one and the same. Likewise, the theory conflates the last days war of Gog/Magog with Armageddon making the two only one event. Lastly, Islamic Antichrist Theory “regionalizes” the scope of Bible prophecy dismissing the longstanding fear that Antichrist superintends a Luciferian New World Order in which all nations are assimilated into a single government limiting human freedom. This alternate prophetic view obscures other prominent threats that we overlook to our peril.

Additionally, because Islamic Antichrist Theory sees Islam as the final world religion and the religion of the Antichrist, Christians may come to an erroneous fear and loathing of Islam. Make no mistake: fanatical Islam is dangerous. And any religion that denies the Father and the Son is a religion whose spirit is Antichrist. (1 John 2:22) However, this is not the same as saying that Antichrist is Islamic – or that all Muslims are of Antichrist. This distinction must be made lest as Christians we wrongly accuse good people of evil, when in many cases their fault lies only in not yet understanding and professing faith in the true God and who He actually is – as made known to us through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Is Russia Destined to Nuke the USA? 

The United States and the Russian Federation are engaged in a war of words—a war that has elevated tensions between these political, military, and economic rivals to its highest level since the end of the Cold War in 1989. Spurring the bellicose discourse: (1) Russian incursion in the Ukraine and Crimea to reestablish Russian influence in those lands, (2) concerns expressed by former Warsaw Pact nations (e.g., Poland, Romania, and Estonia) regarding Russian intentions, and (3) the response of NATO and the U.S. to calm those concerns.

According to Russian leaders, this territory historically belongs to Russia. Regardless of this diplomatic debate, however, facts on the ground matter much more: the population in the eastern one-third of the country and all of Crimea (geographically sitting atop the Black Sea) are predominately Russian-speaking. Ukrainians, whose ancestry has been tied to the land for centuries, loathe the Russians. As a result, the conflict has grown into a virtual civil war. During the past two decades, the United States has supported Ukrainian desires to participate in the European Union and join NATO, while Russia has argued these actions foment rebellion among what they regard as a minority of Ukrainians. Underneath these somewhat superficial arguments, Russia worries about its largest submarine base in Crimea at Sevastopol, which they consider utterly vital to their security. Additionally, Russia aggressively continues to seek a geographical buffer between itself and Europe having been devastated by two great wars during the past 100 years.

Europe protests the incursion but seems unwilling (and unable) to use military force to push Russia back from its designs on Ukraine and Crimea. Only the U.S. displays the willingness to hold the line and demand Russia back down. Now the U.S. increases its rapid deployment force and naval assets to the region to put Russia in check. But what motivates the U.S.? Russian nerves remain on edge due to a slumping Russian economy, its aging weapon systems, and frequent bouts of political unrest domestically, but especially in Russia’s eastern and southern republics. Russia’s federal government depends on a steady, high price of oil and natural gas, with as much as 52% of its revenue coming from these sources.

Then there is the state of the Russian people. They suffer under economic sanctions imposed by Europe and the United States. Backed into a corner, is it surprising Russia rattles its sabre? However, Russia’s only sabre—its one area of military superiority: Russian tactical nuclear weapons outnumbering NATOs tactical nukes 10 to 1 in the region. As Russia weakens in critical areas, several principal factors are converging which suggest Russia must act NOW to diminish U.S. economic dominance, military superiority, and political influence—for Russia seeks to curb U.S. “meddling” in regional affairs that they surmise threatens its national security.

Additionally, Russia advances the strategic view that it is Washington and not Moscow that promotes domestic disputes throughout Eurasia, what Russians term “color revolutions.” To Russian leaders, these Color Revolutions comprise CIA covert operations and insurrections intended to destabilize nations Russia regards vital to its interests, all the way from Syria to Afghanistan. In short, the Ukraine controversy may be a symbol of a much broader and deeper conflict. It constitutes a geopolitical sparring match—a contest in which both sides test the other’s resolve to dominate global politics in the 21st century.

In addition to examining why this verbal exchange foreshadows nuclear war sometime in the next few years, this study will discuss whether this potential war could be the fulfillment of biblical predictions regarding the dismal fate of what the Bible calls, the “daughter of Babylon.” Finally, we consider the possible timing of this horrific confrontation in light of other end time events.




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