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The Book of Revelation: A Study of the Last Prophetic Book of Holy Scripture (Rev. Clarence Larkin)


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The Book of Revelation: A Study of the Last Prophetic Book of Holy Scripture

by Rev. Clarence Larkin

This all-time classic work by prophetic legend, Rev. Clarence Larkin, is the result of 25 years of study in the Book of Revelation. Larkin’s work here is interpreted using the Futurist method of Bible study. Chapters 2 and 3 cover the present Church Dispensation. From chapters 4 until the end of the book all is future. The writer’s purpose is to show that the Book of Revelation is to be taken literally, and that it is written in chronological order. 

The book is also illustrated with over 30 charts, maps and diagrams. Numerous cuts of symbols, beasts, etc. spoken of in the Book of Revelation are distributed throughout the book at the place where they are mentioned, adding greatly to its value by elucidating the text and saving long explanations. The make up and design of this book is unique. Larkin’s skill as a draughtsman along with the printer’s desire to “rightly divide the truth” has created an expensive masterpiece. The writer spent many weeks and months in study, designing the charts, maps, diagrams, cuts, etc. These had to be inked in and lettered by hand, a true labor of love and devotion. Plates had to be made of the drawings and electros of the plates. 

The writer’s aim has been to prepare a standard work on Revelation from a Futurist’s perspective; a textbook that could be used in theological seminaries and Bible schools; a book to provide invaluable research and service to the busy pastor who seeks to properly exposit the Word of God. 

Clarence Larkin was born in Pennsylvania in 1850 and was became a Christian at the age of 19. Initially he joined the Episcopal Church. He worked as a professional draftsman for a period and then became a teacher of the blind. He became a Baptist at the age of 32 and two years later ordained later ordained as a Baptist minister.

Clarence Larkin was not a premillennialist at the time of his ordination, but careful diligent study of the Scriptures correctly led him to adopt the premillennial position. Using his former drafting skills he began to make large wall charts for use in the pulpit, which in turn brought him two invitations to teach in two Bible schools. During this time he published a number of prophetical charts, which were widely circulated. He titled the charts that he used in the pulpit:Prophetic Truth.

During World War I he wrote his first book, which has become a Christian classic titled: Dispensational truth. It took him three years to design and draw the charts for the book. It was published in 1918 and even today is considered an integral part of any serious Bible student’s library. Some of the other books Reverend Larkin wrote are titled: Rightly Dividing the Word, The Book of Daniel, Spirit World, Second Coming of Christ.

During the last five years of his life, the demand for his books became so high that he had to give up his pastorate and spend all his time devoted to full-time writing. His books and charts are all considered Christian classics and have been immensely helpful to believers all over the world. Some of his work is available through public domain online libraries.

One cannot help but wonder if Clarence Larkin is able to watch from heaven’s mezzanine and realize the tremendous benefits his work brought to Christianity through his very thorough premillennial teachings. Clarence Larkin, a very unique and greatly gifted individual was called to be with the Lord on January 24, 1924. We imagine his service to the Lord during the millennial kingdom should prove to be very interesting.


  1. The Title
  2. The Blessing
  3. The Salutation
  4. The Announcement

Chapter 1

  1. The Vision
  2. The Divisions of the Book

Chapter 2

  1. The Messages to the Seven Churches
  2. The Church at Ephesus
  3. The Church at Smyrna
  4. The Church at Pergamos
  5. The Church at Thyatira
  6. The Church at Sardis
  7. The Church at Philadelphia
  8. The Church at Laodicea

Chapter 3

  1. The Heavenly Door
  2. The Heavenly Throne
  3. The Four and Twenty Elders
  4. The Four Beasts
  5. The Seven Sealed Book

Daniel’s 70th Week

The Seven Seals

  1. First Seal
  2. Second Seal
  3. Third Seal
  4. Fourth Seal
  5. Fifth Seal
  6. Sixth Seal

The Interval Between the 6th and 7th Seal

  1. The Sealing of the 144,000
  2. The Blood-Washed Multitude

The Seventh Seal

The Seven Trumpets

  1. First Trumpet
  2. Second Trumpet
  3. Third Trumpet
  4. Fourth Trumpet
  5. Fifth Trumpet
  6. Sixth Trumpet

The Interval Between the Sixth and Seventh Trumpets

  1. The Little Book
  2. The Two Witnesses

The Seventh Trumpet

The Seven Personages

  1. The Sun-Clothed Woman
  2. The Dragon
  3. The Man-Child
  4. The Archangel
  5. The Jewish Remnant
  6. The Beast Out of the Sea

A. Isaiah’s Foreview

B. Daniel’s Foreview

C. Pauls’s Foreview

D. John’s Foreview

The Beast Out of the Earth

The Intervals Between the Seven Personages and the Seven Vials

  1. The Lamb on Mt. Zion
  2. The Three Angelic Messengers
  3. The Harvest and the Vintage

The Seven Vials

  1. The Sea of Glass
  2. The Tabernacle of Testimony
  3. 1st Vial
  4. 2nd Vial
  5. 3rd Vial
  6. 4th Vial
  7. 5th Vial
  8. 6th Vial

The Interval Between the Sixth and Seventh Vials

  1. Three Unclean Spirits

The Seventh Vial

The Seven Dooms

  1. Ecclesiastical Babylon
  2. Commercial Babylon

The Interval Between the Second and Third Dooms

  1. The Hallelujah Chorus
  2. The Marriage of the Lamb
  3. The Battle of Armageddon

The Beast and the False Prophet

The Antichristian Nations

The Interval Between the Fourth and Fifth Dooms

  1. Satan Bound for 1,000 Years
  2. The First Resurrection
  3. The Millennium
  4. Satan Loosed
  5. Gog and Magog
  6. Satan’s Doom
  7. The Wicked Dead

The Seven New Things

  1. The New Heaven
  2. The New Earth
  3. The New City
  4. The New Nations
  5. The New River
  6. The New Tree of Life
  7. The New Throne

The Ages of the Ages

The Epilogue


  1. The Prophetic Days of Scripture
  2. The Messages to the Seven Churches
  3. The Church as Seen in Revelation
  4. The Heavenly Tabernacles
  5. The Three Tabernacles
  6. The Judgment of Reward
  7. The Cherubim
  8. Daniel’s Seventy Weeks
  9. Olivet Discourse and Revelation 6
  10. The Underworld
  11. Antichrist and the Times of the Gentiles
  12. Daniel’s and John’s Beasts
  13. John’s Two Visions of the Beast
  14. The Antichrist
  15. The Gentile Nations
  16. Image of the Beast
  17. Vials and Egyptian Plagues Compared
  18. Seals, Trumpets and Vials Compared
  19. The Resurrections
  20. The Resurrections and Judgments
  21. The Church Versus the Kingdom
  22. The Millennial Land
  23. The Three Stages of the Earth
  24. The Holy City


  1. The Seven Churches
  2. The Royal Grant to Abraham
  3. The Old Roman Empire
  4. Babylon, the Metropolis of the World



219 pages

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