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The Book of Exodus – An Expositional Commentary – 16 Hours of Verse by Verse Commentary – by Chuck Missler


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The Book of Exodus 

An Expositional Commentary 

16 Hours of Verse by Verse Commentary 

by Chuck Missler

What is the greatest thing that God has done? Some may say Creation, but how many books are devoted to the topic of Creation? Primarily, Genesis, some Psalms, a few chapters in Job, Isaiah, etc.  

There is another act of God that is more profound than Creation: redemption! How many books are devoted to the subject of redemption? In a specific sense: Revelation, Joshua, Ruth, etc., and alas, in an anticipatory sense, Exodus. 

One would be surprised to find an Old Testament book that has more prophecies than the Book of Exodus. For example, Moses finds the burning acacia bush, which has thorns but which was not consumed by the fire. Later, Jesus bears a crown of thorns. Thorns being a symbol of the curse—sin. The flames being the Hands of the Living God. The bush was not consumed by the fire, this being a model of grace. 

Missler looks at the plagues of Egypt, the role of the firstborn, the Feast of Passover introduced, and the Tabernacle, all which speak of one thing: Jesus Christ! 

The book of Exodus is the bedrock of God’s plan of redemption and is seen as a type of the early church. It is also an adventure of discovery, since the dramatic narrative is laced with numerous hidden messages in the form of microcodes, each anticipating the New Testament climax. 



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