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The Book of Daniel by Rev. Clarence Larkin (Larkin’s final work)


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The Book of Daniel

by Rev. Clarence Larkin

This exposition of the Book of Daniel is the closing and crowning work by Rev. Clarence Larkin, a servant of God, whose life was wholly devoted to the study, teaching, and preaching of God’s precious word. During the more than 40 years of his quiet, but blessed ministry as a pastor and teacher, he made very faithful use of his time and opportunity to study the whole counsel of God as embodied in the Scriptures, not only for his own heart, but in order to help others as fully as possible to know their Lord and Savior. Calling to his aid the best books on the exposition of the Bible by the ablest scholars and this and other days, and depending upon the Holy Spirit for needed illumination, the author obeyed the conviction that it was the will of God to pass on to the Church of Christ the years of his enrichment in the knowledge of God and His word. 

Clarence Larkin was born in Pennsylvania in 1850 and was became a Christian at the age of 19. Initially he joined the Episcopal Church. He worked as a professional draftsman for a period and then became a teacher of the blind. He became a Baptist at the age of 32 and two years later ordained later ordained as a Baptist minister.

Clarence Larkin was not a premillennialist at the time of his ordination, but careful diligent study of the Scriptures correctly led him to adopt the premillennial position. Using his former drafting skills he began to make large wall charts for use in the pulpit, which in turn brought him two invitations to teach in two Bible schools. During this time he published a number of prophetical charts, which were widely circulated. He titled the charts that he used in the pulpit:Prophetic Truth.

During World War I he wrote his first book, which has become a Christian classic titled: Dispensational truth. It took him three years to design and draw the charts for the book. It was published in 1918 and even today is considered an integral part of any serious Bible student’s library. Some of the other books Reverend Larkin wrote are titled: Rightly Dividing the Word, The Book of Daniel, Spirit World, Second Coming of Christ.

During the last five years of his life, the demand for his books became so high that he had to give up his pastorate and spend all his time devoted to full-time writing. His books and charts are all considered Christian classics and have been immensely helpful to believers all over the world. Some of his work is available through public domain online libraries.

One cannot help but wonder if Clarence Larkin is able to watch from heaven’s mezzanine and realize the tremendous benefits his work brought to Christianity through his very thorough premillennial teachings. Clarence Larkin, a very unique and greatly gifted individual was called to be with the Lord on January 24, 1924. We imagine his service to the Lord during the millennial kingdom should prove to be very interesting.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Prophetic Word
  3. The Book of Daniel

EXPOSITION OF THE BOOK: First Division- Historical Chapters 1-6

  1. The Beginning of Gentile Dominion
  2. Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
  3. The Golden Image
  4. The Tree Dream
  5. The Fall of Babylon
  6. The Lion’s Den

SECOND DIVISION- Prophetical Chapters 7-12

7. The Four Wild Beasts

8. The Ram and the He-Goat

9. The Seventy Weeks

10. The Scripture of Truth

Part 1- The Relation of Supernatural Beings to the Earth (Chapter 10:1 to 11:1)

Part 2- The Pre-written History of the Kings of the North and South (Chapter 11:2-35)

Part 3- The Time of the End (Chapter 11:36 to 12:13) 


Book of Daniel

Prophetic Days of Scripture

Daniel and Revelation Compared

Daniel’s 70th Week

The Seventy Weeks of Scripture



267 pages

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