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Skywatch TV Classics Vol 1: Conspiracy Warzone – by Tom Horn and Guests – 15 Hours of MP3 Audio


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Skywatch TV Classics Vol 1: Conspiracy Warzone

MP3 Audio Disc

by Tom Horn and Guests

1. Conspiracy theory: 6 hour audio interview

Based on Tom and Nita Horn’s book, The Ahriman Gate, and Tom Horn’s book, Nephilim Stargates, this 6 hour investigative interview discusses in detail the subject of end-times prophecy and its relationship with biotechnology, UFOs, Nephilim and speculation about the return of the Watchers.

2. The Coming Zombie Apocalypse: 6 hour audio

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse has been called ‘The Best Ever Six Hours of Audio.” This fascinating and frightening expose on little known passages from the Bible and Apocryphal texts as well as peer reviewed science reports covers some fascinating subjects. Does Bible prophecy actually predict an end-times army of zombies? And what does science say about the possibility of a zombie outbreak? 

3. Psychotronic Warfare: 3 hour Audio

The use of vital energy by ultraterrestrials to form dimensional gateways, whether by manipulating animal, plant, or atmospheric molecular energy lead some to believe “Watchers” descended to Earth and used cell matter to construct for themselves “portals” through which they extended themselves into the material word, bringing with them physical and psychotronic warfare. 



MP3 Audio 

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