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Skywatch TV Classics Vol 2! – Transhumanism: Yesterday and Tomorrow – 13 Hours – 3 MP3 Audio Sets in 1 Featuring Tom Horn and Steve Quayle – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!


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Skywatch TV Classics! – Transhumanism: Yesterday and Tomorrow

3 MP3 Audio Sets in 1 package

Featuring Tom Horn and Steve Quayle

  1. Something Transhuman This Way Comes – 3 hours

What started with genetically modified crops then led to transgenic animals is poised now for application to humans according to the JASONs, the scientists on the U.S. Pentagon’s most prestigious scientific advisory panel, the Brookings Institution and dozens of ther government and public policy research institutions.

In this six-part audio series, leading researchers, scholars, authors and speakers share their specialized knowledge about what you can expect in the coming days, and more importantly, what you can do to be prepared for it. Tom Horn and his guests share their knowledge of transhumanism, explaining how genetic engineering will play a dark role in the very near future. Pandemonium reigns! Tom Horn’s guests include Gary Stearman and Chuck Missler.

      2. The Coming Replacement Humans – 6 hours

Listen to radio pioneers Tom Horn and Steve Quayle as they discuss and reveal the twisted secrets of transhumanism. These six, one-hour interviews uncover the recent technological developments that have pushed the frontiers of humanity toward a far-reaching transformation, redefining what it means to be “human.” This international, intellectual movement has been embraced by the military as genetic manipulation, robotics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence lead us closer and a closer to super-soldiers and advanced weaponry. Author, Althia Anderson, says, “According to findings that burst forth in this exhaustive research, we could be witnessing the last generation of humans as God made them.”

      3. As It Was in the Days of Noah – 4 hours 

As It Was in the Days of Noah: The Return of the Nephilim has been called “The Best Ever Series” by popular radio personalities Tom Horn and Stephen Quayle. This is a fascinating and sometimes frightening expose on little-known passages from the Bible and Apocryphal texts, which speak of an alien agenda, great deception giving rise to the anti-Christ, and in the last two parts of this series the most incredible information ever revealed over the airwaves about the return of the giants in the last days. Tom’s newest revelation from The Book of Enoch left Steve Quayle speechless for several seconds!



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