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The Remarkable Journey of Jonah


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The Remarkable Journey of Jonah

A Scholarly Conservative Study of His Amazing Record

by Henry M. Morris

A raging storm, a rebellious prophet, and somewhere out there, a great fish. 

Skeptics have wondered . . . Can a man spend 3 days inside of a huge fish?

Why did Jonah run from God? What type of city was Nineveh? What happened during Jonah’s prayer of deliverance? Did Jonah die and go to hell? And was he a type of Christ, spending 3 days in the belly of the Earth? Morris does a splendid job giving unique insights into the biblical story. Once you see the Hebrew language come to life, you will have a much better understanding of the Bible story and why God placed it in His Word. 

Henry Morris believed every word of the biblical account of Jonah. He takes the readers on a wonderful journey through the eyes of this once rebellious prophet and finds inspiration in the journey. 



135 pages


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