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Rebooting the Bible – Volume 1 – The Astonishing Story of a 1900 Year Old  Rabbinical Conspiracy to Corrupt the Bible’s History and Thwart Belief in Jesus as the Messiah – By S. Douglas Woodward – Shipping included in USA only


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Rebooting the Bible – Volume 1 

The Astonishing Story of a 1900 Year Old  Rabbinical Conspiracy to Corrupt the Bible’s History and Thwart Belief in Jesus as the Messiah 

By S. Douglas Woodward 


Rebooting the Bible tells the shocking story of a second-century rabbinic conspiracy altering the words of the Bible to thwart the massive conversion of Jews to the Christian Gospel. The alterations sought to obscure the Messianic prophecies – concealing the case they set forth that Jesus of Nazareth is the Jewish Messiah. In addition, this provocative book presents extensive evidence that this conspiracy cut out 1,600 years from biblical chronology, thereby compressing crucial events in Genesis (e.g., the Flood and the Tower of Babel) into a much-reduced time-frame, harming the Bible’s witness regarding the ancient history of the world.

Its in-depth research identifies surprising yet substantiated dates for the birth of Abraham, the duration of the Egyptian enslavement, the timing of the Exodus, the Conquest of Canaan, the obscure period of the Judges, and the completion of Solomon’s Temple. In so doing, Rebooting the Bible, identifies a much earlier timeline for these foundational events revealing the correct dates the untainted Bible reveals.

The book explains how the Greek Old Testament was created in Alexandria, Egypt from 280 BC to 130 BC, and why it consistently provides a more authentic rendering of the original Hebrew Bible (the “autographs”) than the Hebrew Bible of today. Because the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible) as well as the Protestant Bibles (e.g., the King James Bible, the New International Version, New American Standard Version, etc.) are based on the Masoretic Text behind the Hebrew Bible, the power of the original prophecies as presented in the Old Testament have been compromised.

Rebooting the Bible makes the case for why the Protestant and Catholic Church must include readings from the Septuagint to rediscover the original wording of the Bible. Finally, Rebooting the Bible supports the position that Egyptology and Mesopotamian Archaeology can be better reconciled with the biblical text of the Septuagint, overcoming typical objections to its truth, strengthening the case for the Christian faith, and establishing the inspiration of the Bible.



331 pages

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