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Reasoning From the Scriptures with the Mormons


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Reasoning From the Scriptures with the Mormons

by Ron Rhodes & Marian Bodine

Have the Mormons ever left you unsure of what to say? Their arguments are convincing, their teachings seem indisputable (on the surface) and what they believe is firm. How can you effectively communicate to the Mormons that their Gospel does not match up with the Bible? One of the best ways is to ask penetrating questions.

Cult experts Ron Rhodes and Marian Bodine will help you understand the main points of Mormonism and discover where it falls short of God’s truth. Then they will equip you to ask strategic questions that challenge:

The Mormon claims to be the only true church

The reliability of the Mormon prophets

The authenticity of the Book of Mormon

Jesus’ supposed visit to ancient America

The Mormon view of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and much more. 


Introduction: Mormonism Today

Where Did Mormonism Come From?

Witnessing to Mormons

The Mormon Church: The Restored Church? 

Mormon Leaders: True Prophets of God?

The Book of Mormon Part 1: Is it “Another Testament” of Jesus Christ? 

The Book of Mormon Part Two: Insurmountable Problems

What Mormons Say About the Bible

The Inspiration, Inerrancy and Authority of the Bible

Manuscript Support for the Bible’s Reliability

Rightly Interpreting the Bible

The Alleged Migration to Ancient America

The Restoration of the Aaronic and Melchizidek Priesthoods

The Mormon Doctrine of God: Part 1- Does God have a Humanlike Body? 

The Mormon Doctrine of God: Part Two—The Plurality of Gods

The Person of Jesus Christ in Mormonism

The Mormon Doctrine of Man: Were Humans Premortal Spirits?

Salvation in Mormonism Part 1: Understanding Mormon Terminology

Salvation in Mormonism Part Two: Premortality, Mortality and Postmortality 

Salvation in Mormonism Part Three: Sin, Atonement and Forgiveness

Salvation in Mormonism Part Four: The Three Kingdoms

Evangelism Among Mormons



423 pages



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