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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
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Your Roadmap to Eternity
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88 Inspiring Messages on DVD

The Homeward Bound Conference in Colorado Springs is over but you can still be a part of this tremendous event by acquiring all 88 messages preached at our conferences on three sets of DVDs. It’s the next best thing to being there! We believe this could be the best conference we’ve ever had with some of the timeliest messages on the subjects everyone wants to understand. Check out the messages listed below. It was a powerful gathering! 

As always, we presented a lineup of expert speakers from all walks of life. Bible teachers, professors, pastors, newsmakers, filmmakers, TV hosts, our most popular TV guests and military personnel. It’s a one-of-a-kind prophecy conference. 



                 1. L.A. Marzulli – End Times Genetic Stew

                 2. L.A. Marzulli – Lost Civilizations of the Ancient World 

                 3. Bill Salus – The Pre-Tribulation Prophecies

                 4. Bill Salus – Ezekiel 38: When God Defends Israel

                 5. Bill Salus – Millennial Prophecies and the New Jerusalem

                 6. Mondo Gonzales – Is the Rapture in the Olivet Discourse? 

                 7. Randall Price – Globalism God’s Way 

                 8. Billy Crone – The Purpose of the Rapture

                 9. Billy Crone – The Rewards of the Rapture 

                10. Thomas Ice – Current Events

                11. Thomas Ice – The Rapture 

                12. Ken Johnson – Noah’s Dead Sea Scroll Prophecies 

                13. Ken Johnson – Dead Sea Scroll Calendar Prophecies 

                14. Larry Ollison – Do Not Fear The End of Days 

                15. Larry Ollison – Your Journey to Heaven 

                16. Tom Hughes – Collapse 

                17. Tom Hughes – It’s a Mess But Jesus is Coming! 

                18. Ryan Pitterson – The Final Nephilim 

                19. Ryan Pitterson – The Return of the Antichrist 

                20. Brent Miller Jr. – A Lost Parable From the Last Supper 

                21. Derek Gilbert – The Uttermost North – Gog of Magog’s Diabolical Double Cross 

                22. Derek Gilbert – Death of the Destroyer: The Mt. Hermon Mt of Olives Connection 

                23. Pete Garcia- The Disappearing: Future Events That Will Rock the World Plus Q & A

                24. Brandon Holthaus- The Birthpangs of Israel That Lead to a Covenant with the Antichrist 

                25. Brandon Holthaus – Putin’s Religion and the Gog and Magog Invasion

                26. Pete Garcia – Jude: The Acts of the Apostates

                27. Nathan Jones – The Wars of the End Times

                28. Nathan Jones – The Fate of Islam 

                29. Olivier Melnick – BDS: A Danger Against Israel That Can’t Be Ignored 

                30. Olivier Melnick – The New Righteous Among the Nations 

                31. Bob Maginnis – China’s New World Order 

                32. David Schnittger – Divine Deliverance in Bible Prophecy 

                33. David Schnittger – Divine Deliverance in Church History 

                34. Lee Brainard – The Pre Wrath Rapture Demolished 

                35. Lee Brainard – Heaven: Infinite Inheritance or Three Square Feet? 

                36. Aaron Lipkin – Joshua’s Altar Curse Inscription 

                37. Aaron Lipkin – The Secret of the Native Israelite Tribes

                38. Daniel Wright – What is the Redemption Corridor? 

                39. Bill Koenig – Trump and Netanyahu Past, Present and Future

                40. Bill Koenig – The Importance of the 2020 and 2022 Elections: America on the Brink

                41. Bill Salus – The Tribulation Prophecies

                42. Billy Crone – The Coming Great Apostasy 

                43. Mondo & Marzulli – Signs of the Supernatural – A Q&A on UFOs and the Nephilim 

                44. Lee Brainard – The Coming Tribulation 

                45. Carl Teichrib – Game of Gods

               46. Michael Lake – The Shinar Directive

               47. Michael Lake – The Sheeryith Imperative

               48. Josh Peck – Extradimensional UFOs

               49. Cris Putnam – The Final Roman Emperor 

               50. Claudia Koenig – End Times Evangelism 

               51. Mark Hitchcock – Your Final Exam: The Judgment Seat of Christ 

               52. JD Farag – The Pre-Trib Rapture in the Old Testament 

               53. Danny Ben Gigi – God’s Secrets Only Hebrew Can Reveal

               54. David Hocking – Israel and the Promises of God 

               55. Jack Langford – The Gap is Not a Theory 

               56. Jack Langford – The Threefold Resurrection of the Righteous 

               57. Tom Horn – Giants, Saboteurs and the Secret Destiny of America 

               58. Richard Shaw – Those Amazing Torah Codes

               59. Todd Hampson – Prophecy 101 For Everyone

               60. Jan Markell – Hidden in Plain Sight – The New World Order in Bible Prophecy 

               61. Don Perkins – The Judgment Seat of Christ 

               62. David Reagan – The Jews in Prophecy: Past, Present and Future 

               63. Don Perkins – The Antichrist: The Man of Sin 

               64. Doug Hershey – 10 Prophecies Fulfilled in the Last 50 Years 

               65. L.A. Marzulli – Fatima: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

               66. Gary Stearman – The Missing Link in Ezekiel 38

               PLUS 22 MORE!! 


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                88 messages

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