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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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*** Imminent Return Prophecy Summit DVD Sets *** October 5-8, 2023 – 24 Speakers – 23 DVDs – 45 messages – SHIPPING INCLUDED IN THE US ONLY


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***Imminent Return Prophecy Summit DVD Sets***

The Most Important Prophecy Conference of the Year! 

October 5-8, 2023

24 Speakers – 23 DVDs – 45 messages

**International customers see below for shipping**


Here is a list of messages from the Imminent Return Prophecy Summit.

  1. Brandon Holthaus; The Threat of Artificial Intelligence

  2. Dr. Mark Hitchcock; Key Events in Israel’s Future

  3. L.A. Marzulli; Unholy Sacrifices: Cattle Mutilations

  4. J.B. Hixson; Spirit of the False Prophet: Hacking & Tracking Humanity

  5. Ryan Pitterson; End Time Nephilim Deception

  6. Dr. Danny Ben Gigi; The Covert Time Codes in the Name of God

  7. Bill Salus; The Future Pre-tribulation War Prophecies

  8. Billy Crone; Klaus Schwab & the Transhumanist Plan for Humans

  9. Tom Hughes; Mark of the Beast: Closer Than You Think

  10. LA Marzulli; The Rungs of Disclosure: UFO Update

  11. Wilfred Hahn; The End Time Money Trap Hastened: How To Remain Free

  12. Dr. Nathan Jones; The Fires of Injustice

  13. Steve Miller; Foreshadows of Christ’s Return

  14. Dr. Mark Hitchcock; UFOs: My Strange Encounter in Roswell, NM

  15. Brandon Holthaus; The Ideological Subversion of the Church

  16. Dr. Mikel Cary; A Spiritual Door: A Voice and the Scroll

  17. Dr. Randall Price; Prophecy in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Preparing Israel for Christ’s Return

  18. Dr. Larry Ollison; The Mystery of Time Travel and the Bible

  19. Lee Brainard; The Book of Revelation: Confusion, Corrections and Controversies

  20. Don Perkins; Is America In Bible Prophecy?

  21. James DeYoung; The Pre-Trib Rapture: Key to the End of the World

  22. Lee Brainard; Seven Potent Potent Pre-Trib Proofs

  23. Ken Johnson; Prophecies From the Dead Sea Scrolls

  24. Wilfred Hahn; The Beginning & End of Globalism: Implications for America?

  25. Billy Crone: Klaus Schwab & the Transhumanist Methods for Humans

  26. Pete Garcia; Vanishing Point

  27. J.B. Hixson; Yuval Harari and the Coming Beast System         

  28. Bill Koenig; Connecting the Dots: Jerusalem, Washington & the Middle East             

  29. Dr. Randall Price; Rebuilding the Temple: Sign of Christ’s Imminent Return

  30. Tom Hughes; Marching to the Beat of the Globalist Drum       

  31. Mondo Gonzales; Revelation 3:10: Our Rapture Promise From Jesus

  32. Dr. Mikel Cary; Who Are the 144,000?

  33. Pete Garcia; Conspiracy!

  34. Bill Koenig; Growing Spiritually in the Final Days

  35. Steve Miller; Seven Truths To Remember As the World Falls Apart 

  36. Ken Johnson; Herbal Medicine From the Dead Sea Scrolls

  37. Dr. Danny Ben Gigi; Amazing Bible Secrets Only Visible in Hebrew     

  38. Terry James; As It Was in the Days of Lot         

  39. Bill Salus; The Future Tribulation War Prophecies

  40. Ryan Pitterson; Ancient Nephilim Technology       

  41. Dr. Nathan Jones; The Mighty Angels of Revelation

  42. Dr. Larry Ollison; Life Between Death and the Rapture

  43. Don Perkins; The Great White Throne Judgment 

  44. Gary Stearman; The Bow of the Antichrist

  45. Q & A


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