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Out of Place Artifacts – Volume 8 of the On the Trail of the Nephilim Series – By L. A Marzulli – Shipping included in the US only


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Out of Place Artifacts

Volume 8 of the On the Trail of the Nephilim Series

By L. A Marzulli

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Something Doesn’t Fit! 

All over the world there are mysterious objects that have become known as Out of Place Artifacts. 

Episode #8 in our On the Trail of the Nephilim Series focuses on some of these amazing out of place artifacts that we have discovered and personally investigated. We’ll take you to Rome and show you an artifact that millions of people have seen for centuries but have no idea of who may have actually created it. 

In Michigan, a hiker discovered what we have come to call the Nephilim Lance. This mysterious object was thoroughly tested in a high tech lab and the results were astounding. 

There there is the lost city in the clouds … Machu Pichu. You’ll see an ancient structure that we believe is Nephilim Architecture/ Fallen Angel technology, as the Incan people had no way of creating these megalithic structures. Yet, there they are. 

We also return to Catalina Island where in 2013 I discovered a picture hidden away in the museum archives that three independent researchers analyzed and stated on the record that this was a giant skeleton. But why did the museum go out of its way to cover it up? 

All of this and so much more in Out of Place Artifacts! 



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