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Mysteries of Ancient America: Uncovering the Forbidden by Fritz Zimmerman (A fascinating look at the Archaeology of the Moundbuilders!)


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Mysteries of Ancient America: Uncovering the Forbidden

Secrets of the Moundbuilders! 

by Fritz Zimmerman

This is a compilation of historical accounts that contradict everything we have been taught about ancient America. The accounts are substantiated by the testimony of the Native Americans who lived in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley regions of North America. American Indians speak of a people who were skilled in arts and engaged in trade whose remains could be found in the burial mounds. These legends are validated by the hundreds of miles of canals extending into the Mississippi River and the extensive copper and lead mines. Early settlers in the Ohio Valley described ancient cities with well-defined evidence of streets laid out at regular intervals and intersected at right angles with other streets. Stone macadamized roads were also evidence of an industrious people engaged in commerce.

New information from the British Isles places the Celtics peoples on the island earlier than previously believed. The Celtic pagan religion is superimposed on ancient sites in the Ohio Valley with indistinguishable characteristics. Ancient ceremonial sites in the Ohio Valley are re-examined under the looking glass of the Celtic gods and goddesses.

The ancient mound builders practiced a cult of the dead and buried their deceased in burial mounds to act as portals to connect the living with the dead. These portals remain open today and are the gateways for much of the paranormal activity found in the Great Lakes region. While not the focus of the stories presented, many of the skeletons discovered at the ancient sites were of gigantic size. The connection to the paranormal is elaborated in the Book of Enoch. “And now the Giants, who have been begotten from body and flesh, will be called evil spirits on Earth, and their dwelling places will be upon the Earth.”

New documentation is presented that solves the mystery of the Hopewell Mound Builders. The Dakota Sioux legends place them in the Ohio Valley, at the time when the great, geometric earthworks were being constructed. They were called, “The Snake People” by the Algonquins. Identical serpent effigies are found in the historic Dakota lands that overlap the Hopewell interaction sphere. Other Indian tribes concur in their legends that this was true, along with age-old place names that corroborate the Dakota Sioux as the builders of the effigy mounds in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio and Indiana.



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