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Out of the Mouth Of Two Witnesses: Warnings From the Heavens (Salus, Biltz, Cahn)


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Out of the Mouth Of Two Witnesses: Warnings From the Heavens 

The Blood Moons, the Shemitah & the Coming Mid-East Wars

by Bill Salus, Jonathan Cahn, Mark Biltz & Troy Duhon


We have reached a point in time where the world sits and waits for the proverbial “other shoe to drop.” Something big is going to happen soon. Christians sense it. Students of Bible prophecy can feel it in their bones. Even the unsaved world senses that something ominous is heading our way. We live in the most dangerous time in world history. What’s going to happen in the next year or so? Will there be a war in the Middle East? A global financial collapse? A nuclear tragedy? Another terrorist catastrophe? 

In March of 2015 three well-known men of God were interviewed on the Trinity Broadcasting Network concerning the signs of the times. You know their names all too well. Bill Salus, the author of Psalm 83: The Coming Mideast Wars and Nuclear Showdown with Iran; Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah; and Messianic pastor Mark Biltz, the man who discovered and brought the whole Blood Moon concept to the forefront. This interview is on pace to be the most watched interview in the history of TBN. Yes, inquiring minds want to know! What lies just ahead? 

Now they’ve re-connected again, seeking to bring clarity to this three-headed prophetic conundrum. Many people have criticized the blood moons, the Shemitah cycles and interpretation of Psalm 83. Are their criticisms valid? Mark, Jonathan and Bill are able to set the record straight and explain the exciting days that lie ahead in a new 4-DISC DVD set featuring their exhaustive research and a series of lengthy interviews with all of these men. Are the signs in the heavens indicators of some spectacular events coming in the near future?  

Something really big could happen this summer, so this is a set of DVDs you will not want to miss! 




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