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Miracle of Israel: The Shocking Untold Story of God’s Love For His People (Gary Frazier & Jim Fletcher)


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Miracle of Israel: The Shocking Untold Story of God’s Love For His People

by Gary Frazier & Jim Fletcher

Nothing demonstrates how God keeps His promises better than the story of Israel. Everyone is looking for a miracle. Families devastated by a faltering economy. A college student facing the horrific diagnosis of cancer. Corporately, whole nations are teetering on the brink of despair and chaos. Miracle of Israel is a stunning examination of the millennia old love that God has for His people that:

  • Clearly conveys the promise God gave to Abraham
  • Examines the ancient prophecies regarding Israel that have happened and are still unfolding today
  • Provides an easy-to-read timeline of miracle after miracle related to the nation of Israel. 

Tracing the history of the Jewish people to the present day, the author’s look at prophecy after prophecy that clearly attest to the Lord’s miraculous promises. From historical records, to personal, dramatic stories, Miracle of Israel shows us that in keeping epic promises to the nation of Israel, God’s provision for each of us is sure, perfect, and on time, every time. 


A Word From Gary


Section One: The Past

Chapter 1- Beginnings and Father Abraham

Chapter 2. The Reign of Judges, Saul, David & Solomon

Chapter 3- The Prophets

Section Two: The Present

Chapter 4- The Jesus Years

Chapter 5- Next Year in Jerusalem

Chapter 6- The State of Israel is Born

Chapter 7- Israel Today

Section Three: The Future

Chapter 8- God’s Endgame

Chapter 9- The Millennial Kingdom

Chapter 10- Glory

Appendix I: Prophecies Fulfilled at the First Coming of Christ

Appendix II: Israel’s Declaration of Independence

Appendix III: Fulfillment of Bible Prophecies

Appendix IV: Use of “Palestine” vs. “Israel”

Appendix V: The Time of Israel’s Judgment



187 pages


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