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Jacob’s Dozen: A Prophetic Look at the Tribes of Israel


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Jacob’s Dozen: A Prophetic Look at the Tribes of Israel

by William Varner

Near the end of his life Jacob uttered a series of prophecies concerning his twelve sons and their progeny—the twelve tribes of Israel. Those prophecies were tremendously important, far-reaching, and they impacted all of mankind. 

Were Jacob’s prophetic utterances true? Have they been fulfilled? If so, how and when? Are some of Jacob’s prophecies still awaiting their final fulfillment? 

All these questions are answered in Jacob’s Dozen, a study of the biblical history and prophecies associated with each of the twelve tribes. 

Other fascinating subjects—such as the lost tribes of Israel and the role of the tribes in the end-times—are explored. You will be amazed and blessed by this scholarly, yet readable prophetic look at the tribes of Israel. First written in 1987 by Friends of Israel author, Will Varner, it remains an all-time classic, full of powerful prophetic insights.


1. Jacob and His Sons

2. Reuben

3. Simeon and Levi

4. Judah

5. Zebulun and Issachar

6. Dan

7. Gad, Asher, and Naptali

8. Joseph

9. Benjamin

10. These Are the 12 Tribes of Israel

11. Will the Ten Lost Tribes Ever Be Found

12. The Tribes of Israel in the End Times



108 pages


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