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ISRAEL: Chosen by God – New Updated edition by David Hocking


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ISRAEL: Chosen by God – New Updated edition 

by David Hocking

No nation or people in human history have experienced what Israel has. Born and begun by a direct revelation from God; destroyed and scattered by military invasions; persecuted, hated, and murdered for no other reason than being what they are – the people of God! Some call it a “modern miracle.” Israel arises out of the dust and takes its place among the nations of the world once again, only to discover that the hatred and hostilities of the past have never gone away, and its right to exist questioned once more.

Today, Israel faces an unparalleled attempt by other nations to deny its right to exist, and to remove it from its land and its place in history. But, Israel has not gone away – it is still here! Even the attempts of Christians (who should know better!) to replace Israel’s existence with its own concepts of the “church” (sometimes called replacement theology”) have failed to diminish what appears to be the continual fulfillment of ancient Bible prophecies.

This book is a sincere effort to describe and establish what the Bible actually says about this nation, land, and people we call “Israel.”



183 pages

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