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Israel: A Light to the Nations


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Israel: A Light to the Nations 

by Lai Meng Wan

Did you know that Israel, the Church, and the Lord Jesus all share the same birthday? Most Christians know that the Church was born on Pentecost. Few know that Israel had the same birthday 1,500 years earlier. The Church has entirely missed the real birthday of Jesus. In addition, all three—Jesus, the Church, and Israel share a common fate at the Cross. On Passover, only the Passover Lamb was sacrificed. Why was Jesus crucified along with two others?

What is Satan’s role in the rise and fall of world empires? What is America’s role in the last days? America is not mentioned in the Bible. Many speculate that the EU (European Union) will be the last world empire from which the Antichrist will arise. But this book contends that the last world empire is here already! World empires are inspired by Satan. Will America be any different? 

The Church’s understanding of the great commission has been affected by Replacement Theology. This erroneous doctrine is taught by 80% of the church denominations in America—Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians—just to name a few. The Church has ignored Israel’s vital role in the end times, and the subject of prophecy entirely. A clear understanding of Israel’s role in the fulfillment of Bible prophecies is crucial to developing a true and accurate assessment of our times, Israel is THE KEY to understanding the Bible and the times in which we live. 

We are, as in the Days of Noah, in a period of time where Israel will soon arise to be used of God—they will finish the mission God has for her. Early Christianity has rich Jewish roots. Recover that connection in books such as Job, Ruth, Esther, and Jonah. Once you read these books of the Bible through Jewish eyes you will reach a new understanding of God’s Word. 

Israel: A Light to the Nations, will light up your understanding of the Bible and times we live in like a million-megawatt lighbulb in your soul and spur you to reach out fervently with the Gospel—now more than ever! 


Introduction: Israel—A Light Unto the Nations

Chapter 1- Pentecost—The Tie That Binds the Church, Israel and Christ, Our Lord

Chapter 2- Golgotha—One Hill – Three Crosses

Chapter 3- Israel and the Cross

Chapter 4- Jesus and the Call of Israel

Chapter 5- Jesus’ Mission—To the Jew First and Also to the Gentiles

Chapter 6- Light versus Darkness—The Ongoing War Between Satan and God

Chapter 7- Israel- The Story Within a Story

Chapter 8- Israel and the Last Days

Chapter 9- Israel (Jonah)—Arise, Shine For Thy Light Has Come

Chapter 10- Israel—God’s Time Clock

Chapter 11- Israel and the Earthly Powers

Chapter 12- Israel and the World Kingdoms After Rome

Chapter 13- The Real Power Behind Human Kingdoms

Chapter 14- Israel and the Last World Empire—America 

Chapter 15- Israel’s Day is Coming

Chapter 16- Israel Restored in the Millennium

Chapter 17- God’s Plan Revealed: Patterns, Types and Designs

Chapter 18- Christianity, the Cross and the Menorah

Chapter 19- Jesus—The Hope of Israel and All Mankind

The Flag of Israel

The Emblem of Israel


End Notes



400 pages


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