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Islam and Christianity – Two Roads To the Same God? – By David Reagan


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Islam and Christianity

Two Roads To the Same God?

By David Reagan

Islam and Christianity- Are there Really Two Roads to the Same God?

  • Are Christianity and Islam compatible?
  • Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?
  • Are Christianity and Islam roads that lead to the same God?
  • Are the Islamic holy scriptures, known as the Qur’an, inspired by God? Is the Jesus of Islam the same as the Jesus of the Bible?
  • Are Islamic Fundamentalists representatives of true Islam, or are they a terrible aberration of an otherwise peace-loving religion?

Find the answers to these questions in detail and MORE, as this book peels back the layers to reveal the truth about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who says, “Is there any God besides Me, or is there any other Rock? I know of none” Isaiah 44:8.



151 pages 

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