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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
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Hebrews: A Commentary


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Hebrews: A Commentary

by David M. Levy 

From the author of The Tabernacle comes a new, can’t-miss commentary. The book of Hebrews contends for Jesus Christ’s divinity, proving He fulfills the Messianic Hope of Israel. It explains His incarnation, priesthood, testing, faith, endurance, substitutionary death for sin, and His resurrection and New Covenant ministry. Hebrews teaches the supremacy, superiority, and sufficiency of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. 

The epistle also exhorts, warns, and encourages Jewish believers not to leave their faith in Christ because of persecution but rather to strive on toward spiritual maturity. It counsels them to be compassionate, content, consistent, committed and consecrated in their faith. 

Table of Contents

1. The Incomparable Christ

2. The Preeminent Christ

3. The Superiority of Christ

4. Christ is Superior to Moses

5. The Rest God Gives

6. The Greatest High Priest

7. Christ is Superior to Aaron

8. Maturing in Christ

9. A Sure Hope

10. Who is Melchizedek?

11. Christ’s Perfect Priesthood

12. Christ’s New Covenant Ministry

13. The Hebrew Tabernacle

14. Christ’s Superior Ministry

15. Christ’s Heavenly Ministry

16. Christ’s Sufficient Sacrifice

17. A Lifestyle of Faith

18. Words of Warning

19. Faith’s Foundation

20. Faith Before the Flood

21. The Father of Faith

22. The Faith of Moses

23. Faith at Jericho

24. The Accomplishments of Faith

25. A Faith That Endures

26. The Lord’s Chastening

27. The Final Warning

28. The Christian’s Committment

29. Counseling the Christian

30. A Final Exhortation



220 pages


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