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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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What Happens After Life?: 21 Amazing Revelations About Heaven and Hell


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What Happens After Life? 21 Amazing Revelations About Heaven and Hell

by Ron Rhodes

The astounding truth about the next life will change how you live today. Do you wonder what happens when you die? If so, you’ll appreciate the inspiring survey of the Bible’s encouraging teachings about the afterlife. Each chapter is short enough to read in one sitting and zeroes in on a single reassuring truth. You will quickly find your fears and doubts replaced with confidence in the truth. Because you are a Christian …

  • Death is a transition into a wonderful life
  • You will enjoy eternity in a wonderful new body
  • You will be reunited with Christian loved ones
  • Sin, sorrow, sickness and pain will be no more
  • Best of all, you will enjoy face-to-face fellowship with God

Bypassing philosophical arguments and contentious debates, this uplifting look at the clear teaching of the Bible will empower you to embrace the future with hope and joy. 


Introduction: Timeless Truths About Heaven and the Afterlife

  1. An Appointed Time to Die
  2. Death: A Transition into the Afterlife
  3. The Intermediate State
  4. The Rapture: A Rendezvous with the Lord in the Air
  5. Resurrection Bodies with Permaflesh
  6. Christians at the Judgment Seat of Christ
  7. New Heavens and a New Earth
  8. The New Jerusalem: The Eternal City
  9. No More Sin, Mourning, Pain, Tears, or Death
  10. Satan and Demons Eternally Quarantined
  11. Earthly Realities Absent in Heaven
  12. Face-T0-Face Fellowship with God
  13. A Reunion of Christian Loved Ones
  14. Meaningful Activities in Heaven
  15. No Need to Fear Death
  16. Heaven For Infants and Young Children Who Die
  17. Assessing Personal Visits to Heaven
  18. Unbelievers at the Great White Throne Judgment
  19. Unbelievers and Eternal Suffering
  20. No Second Chance After Death
  21. Hooking Our Hope in Heaven



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