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Ha-Mashiach: The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures (by Arnold Fruchtenbaum)


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Ha-Mashiach: The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures

by Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Ha-Mashiach: The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures, is a study of prophecy concerning the 1st coming of the Messiah. Dr. Fruchtenbaum works his way through the Hebrew Scriptures and shows from the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings, how the Revelation of the Messiah gradually progressed and built up to reveal a magnificent picture of the Deliverer to come. When the Messianic expectations of Hebrew prophecy are fully understood, it becomes clear who alone can fulfill these requirements. 

Did you know that . . . 

Eve mistakenly thought she had given birth to the promised God-Man?

That there are two distinct prophecies in Isaiah 7, one to the wicked king Ahaz and another to the whole house of David? 

That Daniel 9 is only one of 7 prophecies that insist upon Messiah’s appearance on Earth before a very significant historical event? 

That the covenant recorded in II Samuel 7 refers to a different person than the parallel passage in I Chronicles 17?

Why Lamech believed his son was to be the Messiah? 

Ha-Mashiach: the Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures, is an absorbing study that will answer these and many more questions, strengthen your faith, bless your heart, and invigorate your worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum was born in Russia after his father was released from a Communist prison there. With the help of the Israeli underground, the Fruchtenbaum family escaped from behind the Iron Curtain. While living in Germany from 1947 to 1951, Arnold received Jewish training from his father, who himself had been raised as a Chasidic Jew in Poland, only to later lose most of his family and his faith to the Holocaust. After the war, the Fruchtenbaums immigrated to New York. 

One of the foremost authorities on the nation of Israel, Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum is a messianic believer and the founder and director of Ariel Ministries. He received his doctorate from New York University in 1989. His graduate work also includes studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Having lived in Israel for three years, Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s intensive study of the role of the nation of Israel in God’s plan of world redemption has made him a popular speaker at Bible conferences and schools throughout the world.



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