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The Gospel of Mark: Christ the Servant (21st Century Prophetic Commentary Series)


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 The Gospel of Mark: Christ the Servant

by James McGowan, Mal Couch, & Ed Hindson

Is It Really Better To Give Than To Believe?

Jesus Christ, the Son of Glory, left His home in heaven to serve mankind. The whole purpose of His life on Earth was to give and not to receive or take. He came as the revelation of God, was born in a manger, and worked as a carpenter. From the beginning of His ministry He healed the sick, confronted the false teachers, fed the hungry, taught His disciples, and ultimately, gave His life for many.

The Gospel of Mark is a breathtaking, fast-paced account of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Mark paints a picture of Jesus being accepted by the general Jewish public but rejected by the Jewish leadership. As this tensions grows, the narrative propels the reader toward the final crisis (the crucifixion) and its ultimate resolution (the resurrection).

James McGowan brings the characteristics of Christ the Servant, His love, His compasion and His selflessness, into sharper focus. Are you a faithful servant of Christ? This commentary will bring you face to face with the greatest servant of all, and challenge you to be just like Him. 

Product ID# BK232


248 pages


The Gospel of Mark is one of sixteen volumes in The Twenty-First Century Biblical Commentary Series.

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