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God’s Secrets Only Hebrew Can Reveal: 145 Startling Revelations That Can’t be Seen in Our English Bibles! 50% OFF! Dr. Danny Ben Gigi


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Our long-time friend, Dr. Danny Ben Gigi, the founder of Hebrew World, has agreed to add his unique knowledge of God’s Hebrew alphabet to our monthly magazine, The Prophecy Watcher. Each month, Dr. Ben Gigi will include a chapter from his new spectacular book, God’s Secrets Only Hebrew Can Reveal, enhancing our magazine with his fascinating research. 147 months later we’ll have worked our way through his entire book!—but in the meantime, who can wait 147 months to read these amazing Hebrew insights? Not only will you get the entire book in a few days, but you will receive several CD’s— a line-by-line Hebrew-English Phonetic New Testament on CD-ROM, normally $39.95 all by itself. And an accompanying Audio CD to the book. It’s a complete Hebrew learning package. And you don’t need to read Hebrew to understand the uniqueness of this book. 

Those of us who are fascinated by the Hebrew language know there are many things hidden in Hebrew that we just can’t see in our English Bibles. All of the Hebrew words do not have good English translations. Many times the translators have missed the intricate meaning out of ignorance, not fully understanding Hebrew language and customs. Christians who see this are often blown away by the concealed meanings of many Scripture verses. New light is thrown on certain verses and events, often bringing clarity to our understanding. Just hearing Dr. Ben Gigi talking about these special words, a lifetime of learning as he describes it, will get you excited and make you want to learn more. 


$29.95 (50% OFF!) 

192 beautifully crafted silk-like pages worthy of God’s Word.  

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